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7/3/2003 c19 9Magentian
*blows raspberry* Hmph! I'm not going to say I'm jealous again, cuz you already know that, of course. Therefore, I will constrain myself to merely talking about the story in this review... just like a good little girl.


Well... let me see. Not much happened in this chapter... still, I was excited, if only because an update was the last thing I had expected... but I think that it's just because I like Jiranor. ^_^ Jir! He's the best! I have no clue why, but he is! You conveyed his charisma really well, I guess. I was really disappointed when he and Saph started to fight... and they were getting along so well together... :( Man...

And Sovay is her usual, buoyant self. It's funny how she can't tell which Thane is which, I certainly can't, either. The bit about Lt. Tollin was funny, too... hey, I'm easily amused, I suppose... ^_^

These Pantheists are starting to make me really think of Christians, for some reason. The loudmouthed, vocal, intolerant and close-minded type. Sort of sad, that Jiranor has to be like them... oh well...

"angry-looking cows"? LOL! That phrase just leaped out at me. Evil bovines! ^_^ Not much else to say. Have fun in Rome, and I'm Not Jealous Not One Little Bit. Excuse me, I have to go throw a hissy fit. *smiles angelically and leaves*
7/3/2003 c19 The-Mighty-Koshi
I'll just have to wait then. *sits in chair reading a comic book* See ya there!

7/3/2003 c19 Snarks
This is great! I'm sorry I took so long to read this. Luckily, I'm at a very slow point at work (nearly every day now) so I had a chance to dive into this. It's wonderfully rich and detailed. I can see how much thought you've put into the scenes you create.

One little thing though. It seems to me, keep in mind my personal opinion here, that there are too many "modern" sayings. Things that are of our world only. Granted, I'm not sure how your world connects with this one, but it threw me off a bit to see a quote from Dante's Divine Comedy and the other minor colloquial sayings I've run across. 'Course, I can be annoying in that regard. *grins*

Other than that, this is absolutely fabulous and I'll be waiting somewhat patiently for the next installment. Enjoy Rome!

6/30/2003 c18 Rachel
wow =). i really like chap. 17...we've all been wondering about what's going on for so long ^^. yes. and i really liked the Priest's revelation...it fits in PERFECTLY. it's fantastical-obviously-but not unbelievable because it goes seamlessy with the world(s?) you've created. i think it's awesome and am greatly anticipating your return from Italy! (btw, it's beautiful there =].)
6/30/2003 c5 29MelodyReiterLee
Hmm... mutiny... tSovay is a really cool character. Hee. I like your style too. :) Write more!
6/30/2003 c4 MelodyReiterLee
Hee. This girl is so cool. Hmm...maybe she can become a surgeon.. j/k.. Good job.
6/30/2003 c1 19Karma-of-Chaos
Sorry for the short review of chapter 18, I was booted off of my gracious uncle's laptop. That's the trouble with traveling...computer access is quite limited. I suppose you won't read this for awhile, seeing as you are off to Italy, but all the more reason for me to make it a nice long review so you have something to get you all inspired when you DO get back.

Anyway, this chapter is killing me. I am absolutly dying to see this all play out. Keeping the readers hooked seems to be your forte`.

The battle betwixt good and evil is starting to unfold in earnest, and we don't even know who the bad guy is! Or who the other two children are...is it Hawk? And Sovay? That would be my guess...although I could be absolutly, utterly wrong. What role will the thanes play? Aggh...

Scotia darling, you had better not take too much vacation time.

Keep Writing! (we're all waiting!)

- Karma

(Oh, since I am in California...my uncle has AOL and I added you to my buddy list. I'm DnMngn...it's my uncle's name, not mine. Hope to talk to you sometime before I return to the deep, AOL-less south!)
6/29/2003 c18 4Plateado
Good chapter. Makes the story all the more interesting. Well, have fun in Italy, and update when you get the chance!

6/29/2003 c18 19Karma-of-Chaos
Gaah! You must bring pleasure from your readers agony in suspense. I think I would have been better off if I had waited for chapter 19 as well! Ai me, strawberry eggs.

Anyway, you upended more questions than answers! Well, at least they're at a tie. We only know who one of the bad guys is...gal, actually. ARGH! This is frustrating. I must know! * drags Scotia outside to browbeat the answers out of her...j/k. i would never do that! *
6/29/2003 c17 Karma-of-Chaos
Ah darling, you are absolutly malovelent. It's a good thing I didn't read this until after you had chapter 18 up too! ;)

I can't wait to read the next chappy, but felt this was such a nice anticipation chapter that I had to give it a review. So here it is.

Lovely suspense, something every masterpiece needs. And GASP Sovay has been had! Well shut my cotton-pickin' mouth! (I come from the South, as shocking as that is. And yes, we actually do say that.) Still, I am hanging as to whether or not Sovay is even one of the children, if she is the fake, etc. Gah! I'm not waiting anymore, on to the next chapter!

Keep Writing!

- Karma
6/29/2003 c18 1Kitty-HamHam68
Cool Story! but very long, took me a while to finish it -_-'. Hey, if it's not much trouble, could u please read my story and review it? It would me a lot to me. I need one more story to put up the next story. Anyways, great, great, great, story! ^_^
6/29/2003 c18 9Magentian
Huh. So... that's it, is it? Like Dreaming One said... strictly informative... thus, little comment needed... Rose Island sounds familiar, though.

Have fun in Italy! I'm so jealous! You always get to go to all the coolest places... oh well... bon voyage. ^_^ Write lots when you get back!
6/28/2003 c18 2Beran
Wow... just wow.

This is amazing, simply...


although that last chapter had a typo I couldn't stop reading to take note, but I know I saw it.

Someday I hope I'm this good!
6/28/2003 c18 The-Mighty-Koshi
*taps foot* Still waiting for Sovay to turn up again. But other than that, the history for the present was very well-done and well-thought out. Please continue the story! ^-^

6/28/2003 c18 4Crazygurl70
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