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6/27/2003 c18 Dreaming One
Oh, a strictly informative chapter! lol. Well, it's necessary info, so I'm glad to have it.

Update Soon!

6/27/2003 c18 Beautiful Sinner
Awesome chapter! Never expected it! Well I hope you have fun on your trip! You must write and tell about it later. Keep up the great work. I feel everything is fine other then at some points it can become confusing. But maybe that's just because it's so late. ^-^
6/27/2003 c1 12Darkness Shadowed
6/27/2003 c18 3letylyf

cool, cool, cool! this sounds really fascinating, I hope you'll be able to see this out to the very end, mm forget Italy LOL (j/k)

yep we all can guess who the fifth one is, can't we? hehheh

cool chapter. great update. i look forward to more :)
6/27/2003 c17 wacka dkid
o.. *waves madly trying to get the authors attention * is she going to torture the guy that tried to kill her? huh? BAMBOO SPLINTERS!...erm. read that part and started thinking about ^(look up)

and if jiranor came to pay Saphras randsome why the hell did he give sovay de money with no twinny material in front of him? does he know they are twins?... wait, ill stop w the questions (that should be answered but you have a thing for evil kill me now cliff hangers!) and wait *impatiently* for the next chappie to the... book? ah, whatever it is even though its on a website.

6/26/2003 c17 1ErInWrItEs
i have readthis entire thing and i have to say it is awesome! i really like the originality of the whole thing, it keeps you guessing! i can not wait for the next chapter! i have only one thing to say(please dont hate me!)take your time on some of the scenes(very few of them)it seems like you are rushing them! other than that i really love it! and now it is time for the pluggery! check out my stories(should have a new one up in no time!)

6/26/2003 c17 The-Mighty-Koshi
*holds up pitchfork, torch, and grins* ONWARD REVIEWERS!Hundreds of reviewers rush forward ready to close upon the evil writer for her cliffhanger...

*moans and looks at the computer with sad puppy eyes* Why? *comically hangs head* Why does it end this way? *Bangs computer* COME ON FINISH THAT CHAPTER ALREADY I WANT IT NOW! *pouts* I guess I'll have to wait then.

6/26/2003 c17 4Crazygurl70
WAH! This is such a cool story. You've gotta have more of Sovay, though! SHE KICKS ASS!
6/25/2003 c17 The Highwaywoman
hey scotia! can't wait for next chapter... i'm leaving on friday for italy. we'll probably see each other and not even realize it, ya know. LOL. (we'd be getting into a fight and i'd mention something about "i'd rather be reading the quicksilver medallion than being here" and you'll drop your jaw). that would be cool. oh well. write more soon. i hope i can see it before i leave. talk to you later!
6/25/2003 c17 4Plateado
Hey, another good chapter. Nice twist with the undercover assassin. I wouldn't have expected that. Good job. Oh, and have fun in Italy! I so envy you! I'm going back home to California, but going to Italy would be even sweeter!

6/25/2003 c17 9Magentian
Well, you know my reaction to this is to beat my head against the wall... how could you leave us stranded? HOW? HOW? (wow, I sound like a wolf.)You'd just better get that new chapter up fast, missy! ^_^

Umm.. in other news... This mysterious Kym woman is beginning to irk me, Jiranor gets inexplicably cooler the more I see him, and ... this is the most mystifying part... why is he so scared of Sovay? I don't think it's just because of her being a powerful pirate. And he was nervous before he heard the gunshot. Why does Sovay scare him? I sense a plot twist coming...

If you want my reviews to be shorter, than fine! Hmph. *feins offense* Well, then, I'll just impress you with my brevity this time around, because right now I can't think of anything more to say. See ya! And, for God's sake, GET THAT CHAPTER UP! *desperation*
6/24/2003 c17 Dreaming One
Gah! You just left us a positively sinister cliffie! I am not pleased. :(


Anyway, this is a really good story so far. I'm trying to think of some criticism to give you, but it's sort of difficult. It's a pretty damn good story.

Um, one thing that I think is stupid is that Jiranor didn't take Sovay too. I mean, you've spent so much time focusing on her, she must be one of the children. Besides, she ~is~ Saphra's twin. How come Jiranor didn't try to recute her? Not that he would have succeeded, lol. I somehow have difficulty picturing her leaving with some priest, and a prisoner who freaks her out. Maybe when that guy tries to take power from her, she'll leave. She's got to get bored with the pirate thing eventually.

Your characterization is really good. Some stories make me feel like there is a plot, and some random characters attached to it. Your story is all about the people, and that's the way it should be.

Yeah, I can't think of anything to complain about. I promise that as soon as I do, I'll let you know. I'm sort of renound for that. lol.

Update Soon!

6/24/2003 c17 1Windemere
Woohoo! The big unveiling is on the way!

You're writing is descriptive without being too flowery or verbose. I LOVE that! I wish I was better at it.

You know, making us wait a whole month before putting up the next chapter would be a very Sovay-ish thing to do. Hm, devious indeed...
6/24/2003 c17 3letylyf
well, maybe you need to download the special spell checker I programmed for my language. (and, seeing as how I have about 500 words of the language and no programming skills, that's never going to happen. lol) well I'm glad you like constructive criticism *looks doubtfully at you* because I know I don't leave some of the nicest reviews ever lol

OK, well I really don't get this Jiranor person. He's made out to be a good guy mostly but something about how you wrote that first bit of this chapter makes me think he's scheming something.. like, oh I don't know, trying to assisnate her (wierd idea, i know, but it popped out of no where lol).. oh well, I just don't get it.

And Sovay is, well really cool, but you were all worried some chapters ago that she was boring and you had to show a less secure side of her character... i say go ahead and show as many as you can, because otherwise we're all going to get a bit bored with the girl.. she is cool, yes, but if that's all...

well i'm looking forward to the next chapter. once again let me tell you not to worry about your writing speed! it's incredible, and usually people who write so quickly write trash. obviously you don't lol...

one last thing: i added you to my aim buddy list but you're never online when I am...
6/24/2003 c4 7C Shot
Oh my, this story already seems as intruging as Dragonlod Legends... but I cant wait to read mor eof it, I will put a review in at good parts...
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