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7/4/2004 c1 11ladylore
I adore it, you are a brilliant writer, I am off to read more of your work!
2/20/2004 c13 8Kezkay
Yay for my sporadic review-rampages!
Hmm, He -was- good, or he -is- good? Present tense right? Hmm, a slight bit of foreshadowing at the end there? "amazing speed and agility in battle, healing strength, unity with the world, peace. Never, never, never, never.
The Master had broken his promise."
Kill! Die! Murder! um...sorry. I had coffee this morning.
Hehe, "Yaga." Sounds fat, yellow and definitely ugly. Nice choice.
HAHAHAHAHA! "Makethran, the hero of Wiglaf’s Rest, screamed his little heart out." Hilarious, though I suppose I shouldn't be laughing. *giggles*
Slightly awkward here: "There was a sudden silence while the figure tried to figure this out."
Pft, I was waiting for one of these: "His laughter was like the music of a cello—rich and deep." It was only a matter of time.
Aww! This part is so cute and touching! I like these characters a lot, you had better not kill them off...the lizard included. Who can resist a purring lizard? hehe. Nice flashback.
NO! He died! How could you! *growls* I thought Makethran's CD was really good- the flashbacks, his failures, his decisions...very well played out. *patpat*
2/16/2004 c1 18Phoenix Ignition
Intriguing. 373 reviews, and no slash? Wow, you must be the best author on the site :P
2/9/2004 c12 8Kezkay
my sides ache...from laughing...at this PERFECT beginning. Just wonderful!
oo, I like that, "as fast as mercury." Never thought of it quite like that, but it is quite an image!
I thought the scene with Malla and Saphra was a -little- over-theatrical, but we gots lots of precious information there about Thane East and whatnot. Hmm...interesting.
Saphra's insights were very useful, her realizing everyone is trying to use her. I wonder if this will change her character any...? Are we going to have a more rebellious Saphra on our hands? And where IS Ashiri? (I LOVE that name by the way)
Awesome... I THOUGHT she had a pretty bad crash at the end of the last chappie...so THAT'S what happened...I like that idea, her "shutting down," breathing when she's back on land... tres cool.
Ah HA! Another refrence to that prophecy... interesting. I like where this is going, though that scene might have gone just a little quick. Hehe, the guard's head is stuck. hehe... You're so evil.
Wow, yet ANOTHER twist! hehe, you're even MORE evil. Captured by Bonny Sovay, eh? That has a nice ring to it... Bonny Sovay, Bonny Sovay... hehe. Wait, Saphra was in an outpost the whole time? I thought she was on a boat or something *scurries to reread what's going on*... how did they get her out of the water after the battle?
And the journey continues...
What? you didn't like this chappie? 'Twas col! Much enlightening and... stuff. Well, -I- liked it. Pft, a chatpter a day? ..Weirdo.
1/29/2004 c1 2Skystory
Prelude? Prelude is an interval isnt it? Did u mean prologue? Story is ok though.
1/10/2004 c4 39zelle
This chapter was perfect. I'm now in love with Sovay and if there were any way to carry around a little pocket-Sovay with me I would I would!
Except maybe she'd, say, steal my lunch money? Meep!
"With a quick snap of her fingers, the bandits tensed, ready for the strike."
I'm not sure why, but this part was just too cool for words. Like, SNAP, yeah?
But I'm curious as to how they got the bottom open. Rigged it at the last inn?
Hmm...Sovay the sailor...that should be interesting. ^_^
1/7/2004 c3 zelle
"With every word, his many chins wiggled loosely"
*snorts* Yay for graphic description!
Wow. This chapter is kind of...really fast. Like, whoa o_o.
"Saphra’s query only met with blank stares, sorry shrugs, and more requests for autographs."
this made me giggle. The library-occupants look concerned. ^_^;;
"She didn’t need anyone to tell her that her Givensister had been kidnapped."
*heavy music plays*
"What could this parchment mean? Five symbols, a pentangle, red ink…it could be anything. Perhaps it was magical. His mother had told him stories about magic. Maybe the woman who had died in this house was an evil sorceress! Maybe she’d been killed by an enemy wizard, not by the plague! Maybe this guy who wanted the parchment was the man who killed her! And maybe the parchment was a key to killing the rest of the evil sorcerers! In that case, everything hinged on Jio. He HAD to find that parchment, before the evil sorcerers took over the world."
Hee! He sounds like me on one of my conspiracy mood...things. :P
Hm. I think the parts with Saphra should have stayed together. But I guess it works this way too.
"I’m not panicking. I’m not panicking. I’m NOT"
*looks around* Who, moi?
"“Naturally, you’ll need stronger wings than those Deltas to go look for her.”"
O_O. Whoa. Do I smell conspiracy here? (*tosses away the chocolate pudding* ^_^)
Conclusion: ...*pounce* !
*reads on*
11/21/2003 c27 30The B.A.T
The B.A.T. shall speak his mind. While I was anxiously awaiting a 27th chapter, it never occurred to me that I would be faced with this. That was over two weeks ago. I was disappointed, but I shrugged it off and told myself it was okay. Two weeks later, by way of natural slow thought processes or lack of proper nourishment in college, take your pick, I realized, "Hey! It's not all right!" I knew someone would have something to say, and by god, I was right. Look at your reviews, Scotia. Everyone here thinks your work is incredible. To simply scrap it because you don't like where it's going is ridiculous. I would see it through and then make changes as I revised through the entire thing, but this story is too good to just be discarded like that. Plot holes? What self-respecting author hasn't uncovered these? Furthermore, what self-respecting author hasn't taken the time to fetch a shovel and PROPERLY fill them in? Lol! You don't like Makethran? There's no rule that states main characters have to be liked. People could hate the MAIN main character and still love to read what goes on in that character's life. Having a variety of favored and non-favored characters actually makes your story seem more... real. Rather than to drop this story, if anything I'd say you should take some time off, re-read your story through entirely and take down notes on what you think needs to be improved or perhaps on what has happened that you can use to redirect you into the right direction. This is getting long, but you know I write long reviews, and you would have to agree that this review is much-needed. I'm sorry. I won't stand for this! So I'm sitting down and writing this review to help reunite you with your mind; you seem to have lost it, lol. Please, please, PLEASE do not abandon this story! That would be doing yourself an injustice just as much as it does the readers, who have taken the time to read, review and absolutely LOVE this story, an injustice. That's all I have to say on this, and quite frankly, I've said a lot. Peace! And I hope inspiration strikes you like a blunt object. ^_^U

-Yusef "The B.A.T." Pittman
11/19/2003 c12 16RuathaWehrling
Interesting title! ;-)

You know, this is an awesome story, but I'm still having scientific-like issues about the whole Flightwings stuff. For example: How strong would that wing material need to be - and how light! - to support a person? As an aerospacer, I really WISH we had such a material! Also, how much strength would it require to work the wings quickly enough to give you ANY sort of useful lift? Humans aren't exactly designed for flight, you know.

Anyways, I'm willing to suspend my disbelief, but it really would be nice if you could figure any of that kind of physics stuff out! :) Or at least make some sort of excuse for it! After all, that's what scifi/fantasy is good for! Thanks for the story! Laters!
11/19/2003 c11 RuathaWehrling
Nice "I can't cook" song. I'll have to remember to sing it next time I make dinner!

"myriad"! YES! This is one of my favorite words, and I simply want to thank you for using it in your story!

One more chapter tonight, I think...

As far as chapter names go, I don't think "Dawn Dream" is ideal, because it only concerns the final (very cool) part of the chapter, with Jiranor. The beginning part is anything BUT a dream. Perhaps merely "Daybreak" or else something like "Tumbling Thoughts" (playing up both the philosophical parts of the chapter and Saphra's fall. Also, I don't believe the beginning takes place at dawn, does it? Since Saphra's cooking dinner, and all, I mean. Anyways, those are just two ideas.
11/19/2003 c10 RuathaWehrling
"...Why anyone else would want to be Emperor, the old man couldn?t imagine." This whole paragraph is AWESOME! :) I like the description of Jiranor, also. Well written, once again.
11/14/2003 c10 12Robin the Jarbog
The plot thickens. I anticipate the next chapter.
11/14/2003 c8 Robin the Jarbog
Another marvelous chapter. The whole takover thing puts me very much in mind of the Spanish conquistadors, whether or not it's supposed to. I like the languages. And on the topic of constructive criticism, there's really nothing I can think of that I don't like. I'm sorry if that's an inconvenience...
11/14/2003 c7 Robin the Jarbog
Mutiny IS fun! Fabulous job on this chapter! You're wonderful at setting the proper mood!
11/9/2003 c27 12HarmonyIsarine
Now you made me cry. ;_; Look! Look what you did!

Such a good story. What plot holes do you have in it? I'm sure you can go around them. And Makethran is annoying, but it's not bad if one of your main characters is annoying. It could be good. ^_^

Are there windriders in half-life?

I cursed this! I did! I just read it, so you stopped! ALL AUTHORS HATE ME! ~Bawls.~

^_^ If I can help with anything to keep this going, I'll do it.
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