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9/21/2003 c22 30The B.A.T
Damn... this doesn't look good. If the boy's brother dies, how will they explain it to that poor kid? I wonder if they considered that possibility? But nevertheless, I suppose they will have to plow on. Tollin... can I kill him? PLEASE? Pretty please? I'd make it quick, I promise. *looks hopeful and sad like a puppy* And what's the deal with this Milo guy? He's not some sort of scientist who is just going to complicate this because he is too narrow-minded is he? And I think that Iain is our fifth Child, but until I see the whole ominous "~~green eyes, eyes... secrets~~" thing, I'm still a little wary about being presumptuous. Good chapter. I find it sad though that there are people who still would rather assume bad things about beggars and homeless people rather than just trying to be altruistic regardless of the beggar's intentions. My dad is one of them. *sighs*

-Yusef "The B.A.T." Pittman
9/21/2003 c21 The B.A.T
Lol! Looks like Allela will just have to find someone else to flirt with. What is WRONG with these two? As smart as they are, why don't they realize that feelings are starting to develop? ARG! *beats Jiranor over the head with a chair until he realizes he is a guy, Saphra is a girl, and guys are mindless creatures who... well, you get the idea* Well, that was pretty anticlimactic at the end, but in a good way, of course. I wonder what Jiranor's Truthbearer will look like, let alone say. I've never had anyone tell me something vital then die before... so I'm curious, lol.

-Yusef "The B.A.T." Pittman
9/21/2003 c20 The B.A.T
Lol, Sovay and Ravi sort of remind me of the way you described Ashiri and Saphra;always trying to get the better of the other. I wonder what a blind hirer of assassins is capable of. *puts a thoughtful hand to his chin and nods* We'll just have to wait and see, won't we? MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And fat chance that Jiranor will marry Allela, that's for sure. He hardly lives with his parents. What control could they possibly hold over him? He'll just run out on them, lol. Besides, it makes more sense to save the world (or revive an ancient race of your own peoples) before getting married, doesn't it? And I wonder if the parents look down on him because he isn't their natural child? I enjoted this chapter. Six more to go, but I probably won't finish tonight. Wish me luck anyway!

-Yusef "The B.A.T." Pittman
9/21/2003 c19 The B.A.T
LOL! It's a growing pains chapter! *sing-song* Jiranor's got a crush! But he won't admit it! LOL! Well, I've still never been exactly sure how the characters look, save their hair, eyes and height (methinks). It's strange. I know twins, and I can picture little more than their heads in my mind. This was one of the funnier chapters. And now we know that either Sovay AND Saphra are Children or neither are. I'm taking my chances on the former. So, who is this fifth Child that no one knows about? And I'm glad that you at least had Makethran seem a little dubious. Ironic that Saphra sensed it, since he was supposed to appear emotionless. *scoffs* Amateur. He's been neglecting his training too long, even though that's obvious, lol. Well, onto capitulo vente!

-Yusef "The B.A.T." Pittman

P.S.- And geez! First Italy, now Rome? And you live in Chicago? You get AROUND! Is your family rich or something, or do you have a thing for traveling? Keep in mind that my mouth has not fully closed from gaping since I started asking these questions. Geez... I envy you, lol. Just don't say you've been to Japan, and I won't have a reason to end my life (which consequently means that this may very well be my last review... j/k of course).
9/21/2003 c18 The B.A.T
I'm curious, now... The Truthbearers. Will all of them die as they reveal truths to the Sacreds? I'm beginning to doubt that Sovay is a Sacred Child now, since there can only be so many, but like you said, one of their targets may actually be a decoy. So I assume the fifth Child may be false, which still leaves Sovay in the running, I hope. This was an interesting prophecy, but please don't let me find what I dread in the next chapter: unquestioning compliance. I will be terribly miffed if not even Saphra speaks up about why she should believe the prophecy to begin. So, let's find out...

-Yusef "The B.A.T." Pittman
9/21/2003 c17 The B.A.T
Hmm... I'm assuming Jiranor didn't drag Sovay along because she wouldn't have believed him. And five out of six... perhaps this Eleraviel Kym is the Sixth; her being blind and all means it would be harder to tell, but she seems to have some relevance to the story, and I don't think you'd have made her blind for no reason. I WAS counting on my fingers, and the twins, Ashiri, Kethran, and Jiranor only make five, so it logically follows that the Sixth is nearby. But the Truthbearers, the Tomb, Key, and Rebirth, are all new to me. Well, I'll enjoy learning about them next chapter. I'm off to pray for now, but I. Shall. Re. Turn. Peace!

-Yusef "The B.A.T." Pittman
9/21/2003 c16 The B.A.T
Hmm... 120 Word pages and counting... congrats! I'm assuming you've written about 140 or so overall (comparing it in proportion to my own length... 215 and counting)? Good to see a novel-length writer around here, lol! Tollin... I should have realized he couldn't be trusted when he was going on about that Napoleon complex. Hmm... I wonder what it is that scares Sovay and not Saphra? Well, when Jiranor gets here, I may very well know the answer to that question, provided the dwarf poses no interference or threat. VERY interesting, funny, cool chapter.

-Yusef "The B.A.T." Pittman

P.S.- And the countdown begins like it's New Years... 10...
9/21/2003 c15 The B.A.T
MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I was correct! I was SO correct! Another theory I had; twins! Or sisters, at least. The lullaby, the fact that both were uprooted from their homes, SO many giveaways! But I am confident that Ashiri is also a Sacred Child; otherwise, she would not have been kidnapped. And whoever took her was behind getting two more Sacreds together for the picking. YES! YES! YES! *does a jig, but realizes he still has eleven more chapters to go* Best to get reading, then.

-Yusef "The B.A.T." Pittman
9/21/2003 c14 The B.A.T
Poor Tavus... and I had been so convinced he was a jerk during the Orbis Victoriae... and now he's dead. Well, this certainly complicates things for young Saphra, doesn't it? And I'm glad you clarified the issue concerning Salt. And also a little disappointed. Damn it... I'll have to rethink my theory. But I still think Salt is the decoy. In terms of material, it's the only one that isn't exactly a metal (I'm going by group association on this one), and I'm thoroughly concvinced Ashiri and Saphra are two parts to one element: quicksilver. Of course, if Salt isn't the decoy, the I highly suspect the decoy is either Ashiri or Saphra, or either Sovay or Saphra (since I've been having the sneakiest suspicions that the paths of those two are intertwined, possibly by blood). God, so many ideas, so little time. And I appreciate the email clarifying that. Back to the interpretating drawing board...

-Yusef "The B.A.T." Pittman
9/21/2003 c13 The B.A.T
To answer your question, nope, this doesn't really count as angst, or at least not a definite form of it. Emotional chapter, but not so much pulling at the heartstrings, though it was sad. And I can't believe I didn't see it: the children are defined by their eyes! Stupid me, stupid, stupid, stupid! But I think Makethran is Gold. He wants to be a hero, but all that remains is "pyrite", or something like that as the prophecy went. How old is Makethran? That's questionable, since he still acts like a six-year-old at heart, even at the present. But that's probably an interesting tool to use for character development. Of course, I'm thirteen chapters too late with all of this. *sighs* I liked this chapter a lot, though.

-Yusef "The B.A.T." Pittman
9/21/2003 c10 The B.A.T
Well, Jiranor's take on the prophecy and Saphra's "death" makes it blatantly obvious that way too many misinterpretations are going to occur. And I was curious about Ashiri's location. Of course, I don't think it was Sovay who captured her at all. If I'm not mistaken, Ashiri disappeared just as Sovay started the pirate fleet. So I assume either Thane North or Thane East has Ashiri. That's my theory, anyways. I could be wrong.

-Yusef "The B.A.T." Pittman

P.S.- "I HATE THIS!" I laughed my ass of when she said that.
9/21/2003 c12 The B.A.T
Another good chapter. So I was right, there WOULD be six if Salt were actually attainable right now. And the question of whether or not the Gods truly exist has just been answered. Also, something has been bothering me. Therris, was he fake in the sense that he was not a hero, or was he fake in the sense that he lied about his motives? Glad to see Sovay 'feeling good', lol. Now to backtrack *sighs*

-Yusef "The B.A.T." Pittman
9/21/2003 c11 The B.A.T
Lol, I had suspected as much about Jiranor when you said he was young. Salt is dead... I don't think he's Gold... but I do suspect he may be Iron. And I find it funny how Thane North thought Thane East was aware of his discovery when all Thane East was concerned about was profit. You captured the dispute between those two quite well, lol. Well, I suppose I'll go one chapter forward and two chaps back to read in order; please explain why they're out of order.

-Yusef "The B.A.T." Pittman
9/20/2003 c7 The B.A.T
Hmm... interesting chapter... so many things that remain far from my comprehension. I think you're going a tad overboard with constant sneers at the cliche... doing that so much in a few paragraphs seems to make it all just a little... cliche. *shrugs* But the prophecy was interesting. It would appear a child has died. At first, I thought it was Ashiri, until she was mentioned in Quicksilver. Are there really six children overall? I think the only reason there are five is because Salt is dead, I'm assuming, and Quicksilver is the two sisters combined. Then copper... no doubt about it, that's Sovay. She just had a mutiny and remained unscathed, just like copper to lightning. But gold and iron... I suppose I'll learn of them later. And I really did find amusement in the Hawk/Kite episode. HOW old are they, again? Lol.

-Yusef "The B.A.T." Pittman
9/20/2003 c9 The B.A.T
Time to go back two chapters just for the sake of reading in order. I liked this chapter and many allusions: Raven's Outpost, Hawk, Lark, Kite. Ironic how many of the names of the rebels and their territories deal with flight and the air, especially since Windriders are the ones fighting them. And I caught that allusion to "abandon all hope, ye who enter here." *jumps up and down with happiness* Of course, you won't believe how. See, I've never read Inferno, but I did read Linden Hills, which is based on the story. I've wanted to read Inferno for awhile now, but I haven't been able to make time, being in college and all. This was a fun chapter; that Rusten is a cool guy, and I can now peg Therris with a word: jerk. That being said, on to the next chapte... or is it back to the next chapter?

-Yusef "The B.A.T." Pittman
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