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5/9/2003 c10 Bottledinsideme
hahah yeah Nathen likes sex...lol...a lot...Jaiysn is all tired out...man it must be more than twice a day...a lot of work u know...lol...this chapter was pretty with the beach...romantic...
5/9/2003 c11 6Jennifer L. Rawles
good luck this storys to good to let it stop
5/8/2003 c11 redredredred
cool, as long as you're not stoppin ^^
5/4/2003 c10 7Lami
yay! you updated!

i'm addictaed to the sap now, since it's so tastefully done, but looking forward to the next chapter in all its angsty glory, variaty is the spice of life, no?

any way. love your fic. write more soon. your 10 pounds of chocolate is in the post. :)

4/29/2003 c1 AnneH
Sorry my english isn´t very well. I just wanted you to know i really liked your story and I hope you can go on soon. I´m very interested in the further plot. Do you have already one in mind?

That was it. Go go go!
4/28/2003 c10 2Aldura
Although possessive Nathen kind of bugs me, marathon Nathen is very cute. I hope that he manages to control his jealousy; I would hate for Jaisyn to feel threatened or bothered enough to rethink their relationship. I hope that he and Abe can solve their differences, at least enough for them to be able to work together in relative peace. I hope you update soon. Sorry for the nag, but it's your own damned fault for creating characters that I can't help but care about!
4/28/2003 c10 8Chibi Ryuichi
i'm afraid all i have is a ujournal ^^ I must say, this story is SO good! I thought it was going to purely sexual with no plot but there is! AND your going to get Matt and Kayne together, right! *squeals* This is wonderful. Hardly any mistakes too. :D UPdate soon!
4/28/2003 c10 Tin Whistle
Beautiful. Your writing has a great flow to it, and you're making excellent use of the 'Show, don't tell' rule, which makes the story all the more intriguing.
4/26/2003 c10 2MizMalfoy
oh, that was simply wonderful. It's so beautiful... thank you so much for this magnificent story! I love it... please update soon!
4/26/2003 c10 whohasthezebra
Yay, sappy! hehehe...angst is great, but i like sap too, if its well written. Yay is all i can say because i fell asleep in a recliner last night and im really tired. you rock.
4/26/2003 c10 redredredred
ah! so cute ^^ wow, we needed some of that fluff *grins* how cute, i love them together.. can we see more of Matt? he was kinda cool ^_^ yeah, update soon ^^ can't wait ^^
4/26/2003 c10 8demonic-muses
YAY! oh god i love this story and i love nathan...so hot.. so... ah h h h... lol... anyways... i liked this al o o o o o o t alot alot.

::prods you with a pitchfork::

Update again s o o o o o o o n...


4/26/2003 c10 6Jennifer L. Rawles
way cool lovely
4/26/2003 c10 28Anti Rainbows
I really like your story. Tis cool, really cool.

Um, dunno if you still need a live journal code or not but if you do I have one left I'm willin' to give away.
4/26/2003 c10 Amy
I think i reviewed yesterday on chapter nine. Anyway, this is really, really, good! Please write more soon!
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