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4/25/2004 c16 Koda
Wow! At every moment i have been captivated by this story. I stayed up till 3am reading it i was so enthralled. The characters were real and they touched me deeply, especially Nathan. I am so happy that i read this story! Thankyou
2/20/2004 c16 Monkeyland
sure took me a long time to read. So happy for both of them.
2/20/2004 c2 Monkeyland
i'm just reading this right now and it sounds very interesting. You sure write a lot!
2/3/2004 c16 10Wesley The Dark Prince
I haven't reviewed, or read, this story in a long time but I agree that this was a simple and sweet ending to an extremely confusing story. Next time you write, make sure it isn't too deep. I wasn't sure who was related to who and who loved who, so maybe try to ease down on the...epic-ness of it all. Anyway great story, good job.
1/26/2004 c16 10Mariposa2
1/18/2004 c4 98ShadowGal
Hmm. Dunno if I should be, but I'm slightly nervous 'bout this. Guess I'm just worried for my Jaisyn; Nathen *seems* nice enough, but *still*...
1/18/2004 c3 ShadowGal
I just noticed that you keep changing tense between past and present; is that on purpose, or an accident?
Well, I can ignore it because this story is still blessed awesome.
Poor Jaisyn.
1/18/2004 c2 ShadowGal
There are a few typos and spelling/grammar errors every now and then (same in the first chapter), but nothing major. I'm sure most people wouldn't even notice it-I'm just weird like that.
I really liked this chapter! I like these characters muchly so far.
And, I can' believe Jaisyn remembered about his formerly twitching eye! Or rather, I can believe that *he* did, it's just that *I* wouldn't have.
1/18/2004 c1 ShadowGal
Yes, I suppose it was a bit tedious, but I think it really did do a lot to let us know stuff about Jaisyn.
Y'know... I keep laughing every time I see Kayne and Abe's names next to each other like that. Caine and Able... Or however the Bible-type names are spelled... It just amuses me.
Sorry, I'll shut up and just move on to the next chapter now.
1/10/2004 c16 1futagoat02
Nice. the ending was just so sweet... someday, i'll read the other stories, k? liked it- it really is one of the better stories that i've found so far.
12/29/2003 c16 whohasthezebra
Fantastic! Simple and beautiful, and utterly fulfilling. Yay for them, the sweethearts!
12/27/2003 c16 6Jennifer L. Rawles
I loved it no other word for it should be made into a book but I do have one little prob you never said what that word ment? in the other lingo you know what I mean and I can't wait to see the other fics I've read many of your fics
12/20/2003 c16 SweetSun
I'm both sad and happy. Sad because the story is finished but happy because it was a good end. A very nice end. :)
Can't wait for the side-stories, I'll bet they'll be interesting. :) Until then, adios! ;)
12/19/2003 c16 8demonic-muses
So o o o o o o good! ! ! ! !
Great ending babe, i look forward to readin more of yer stories. and nathan is still my fave char. ^^
12/19/2003 c16 16ola
i'm sad that it's the end, but it was a really cool story. =) nice writing. yea, please write some more about all the guys! =)
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