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11/5/2003 c14 2Tsukinani

You can't end it there! C'mon, please put the next chapter up... (gets down on knees and begs) C'mon

Anyway, see ya

We could be gone
11/2/2003 c14 10Wesley The Dark Prince
Well I geuss that was okay, not as good as the others but still good. I think the chapter was grammatically incorrect, but whatever it's your story.
11/1/2003 c14 1futagoat02
Omg, you gotta update soon! horrible way to end, you're right. you are evil... and the truth is free to do your bidding! like it, love it, update soon!

10/30/2003 c14 8demonic-muses
BAH! you are evil! leaving me hanging like that... sheesh...

thanks fer the choco covered nathan tho. hes yummy. ^.~

Tis an interesting plot twist...

:: prods you with a pitchfork:;

10/30/2003 c14 3Twisted Revolution
That's *really* creepy. I mean it. Totally. *a-hem* I just stared at the screen for like twenty second when Jaisyn reached for his wallet. Thoughts: 'okay, totally not possible, way too predictable, but wait, this is a story, we know it's gonna happen, oh gosh...' then read it and eep. Yeah. Can't wait for more! Don't leave us in the limbo!

~Ann of TR
10/29/2003 c14 whohasthezebra
10/29/2003 c14 2MizMalfoy
OMG! YOU UPDATED! YAHOO! I've been checking back pretty much everyday these past two months... Thank you thank you! I hope it doesn't take this long next time. It's awesome! I haven't reread the revisements, but I will sometime soon. I love this story! It's my favorite. :)
10/29/2003 c14 3brokendagger
argh, no no no no dont leave me like that!
10/29/2003 c14 Nanshi
10/29/2003 c14 19NotEnough
Yay! An update! with an evil ending...feh, EVIL.

I'm just glad Nathen didn't keep it from him. Ja, very glad indeed.

Brilliant as always. Update soon :D.
10/29/2003 c14 9Minnie Souris
After all this time, I thought you were never going to finish it. Great chapter,

not read the re worked chapters yet but I willHope the Gaelic is not all my fault, he could have spoken welsh or irish.

10/29/2003 c14 Keax
*_*; oh no! poor Jaisyn!

You gotta continue this, I'm so glad for this chapter. Good luck!
10/29/2003 c14 Lainex
*dies* Gah! No... No another cliffhanger! Woe be us readers who love your fic so much! I hope you update soon and put us out of our misery... ;_;
10/27/2003 c13 3brokendagger
10/23/2003 c13 2Tsukinani
Heya Slip,

Love the story from the bottom of my heart. Is it possible for an update soon? Please?

Love it anyway.

We could be gone
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