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6/18/2003 c1 2Pixiefox
Dude... o.o You write good. I like it. n.n I'll have to finish reading it when I have time. Thanks for reading my story. n.n I'll finish reading this later. Keep it up. :3
6/18/2003 c1 FROJO
uuh, cytosine is a chemical in the amino acid bonds in DNA.

but who cares about that?

interesting start- cat-people are an interesting and unque way for characters.

the only down side i can see so far is an average amount of detail.

try to add more a bit more detail to make this story really shine
6/18/2003 c10 38Fate Thirteen
Wayhey! You updated! *looks down humbly* I need to update more. Great chapter, thought sadly short. The Dijernik chant and the way Cytosine was remembering everything - very clever. Dravidian's such a hero!

And Luna is still my fave, just for being daft.

6/18/2003 c2 30Silverfire Starr
This is great! This chapter is much better constructed this time. I especially like the reason you added for why Cytosine wanted to go with Dravidian. It totally adds to the anticipation of the reader.

Nice job!

p.s. I just noticed something with Cytosine's pronunciation. It's sit-toe-sign. Toe-sign? It seems to indicate the mark on Cytosine's front paw. Did u do that on purpose?That's really cool!
6/17/2003 c1 e.s editor
Ouch. Hate to break it to you, but cytosine is a nitrogen base (a chemical) and, incidentally, one of the building blocks of D.N.A. Unless, of course, it was deliberate...?
6/17/2003 c10 Silverfire Starr
Wow, great chapter! I LOVE the bit with the memory and the chant, that was brilliant!

The part about Luna and Silver was good, too.

update soon!
6/17/2003 c10 17Hawk Firelander
This chapter was great! Does it mean something that Cytosine understood their chanting? Does she have some strange ability to understand languages? OOh, this story gets more and more interesting as it goes! I love it! Please keep up the great work! (My username used to be Snowbear incase you're confused, so that's me! Snowbear!)
6/17/2003 c10 14DigiDayDreamer
New chapter! ^_^

Dravidian must be so worried about Cytosine. I can imagine his fear if he ever lost Cytosine. *shudders*

And Cytosine must be knocked on the head too hard. It must have sent her to amnesiac state of some sorts and the chant must have help her remember. Who knew a headache could feel so relieving? *rolls eyes*

Lol. Luna never ceases to make me laugh, especially the joke about the ground speaking and her feelings about 'bugs'. Somehow, I can't help feeling that he's acting like Hana. Hmm?

Anyway, great job on the chapter. Yeah, those Dijerniks learned not to mess with the unstoppable Dravidian. ^O^

Anyway, thanks for the supporting review in Hana's watermelon. That review from Fruitcakes and Fiddles almost got me depressed then I remember your reviews and decided to take it as constructive criticism, horrible it may be. And thanks for telling me what a Tanuki statue is.

Now, I decided to put a hiatus on both of my humor fics until I finish and post my second chapter. I've been delaying this for so long, I gotta get my butt off and start writing that utmost second chapter. I guarantee there'll be fighting in it. ^_^

Thanks a lot! And nice motto. Maybe I should have one instead of saying "Spell ya later!" all the time. I know!:

"True life is but a multitude of infinite meanings."

Spell ya later!
6/16/2003 c4 Alaurei
Wow, I found the time to keep reading. Yay for me. Anyway, I love the axcent! It is so funny how the Cerberus talk. Amazing how I actually understood it. Yay me again! That must have been very hard and annoying to write huh? I would get tired of it. anyway, it isn't tiring to read though! ^_^

I love this story, I'm getting so hooked. I mean, I decided to start reviewing people's stories if they've reviewed mine and now I'm reading a bunch that I'm totally hooked on. I keep switching around in the hours of my day to read different stories. It is so much fun.

Anyhoo, great story and hopefully I'll be able to keep reading more!

talk to you later!

-Nickel City

"To infinity, and beyond!"
6/16/2003 c3 Alaurei
Hey, great story so far.

It has taken me a while to sit and read people's stories but I'm hooked on yours the most. I just read chp. 1-3 so I'm just going to review here. I hope that is okay.

I'm loving this story so much. I like Luna and Silver a lot because Luna reminds me of my brother and Silver my dad. It is funny to read then as it reminds me of my family, anyway, onto the actual review.

The plot is thickening isn't it? I can't wait to finsih reading and see what Cytosine says to Dravidian's father. I'm practically jumping out of my seat.

Anyway, I know this review might sound short but I also have short time on my hands. I will make sure to come back and finish reading soon! I will talk to you later !

-Nickel City

ps. Dragon warz is up! ^_^

"To infinity, and beyond!"
6/16/2003 c9 3naughty little munchkin
and so i finally reach the end... for now at least! lol! oh my god! my nose was seriously like 2cm away from the screen! i'll go blind if i'm not careful and THEN i wudn't be able to read u're stories!

n e way, REALLY disappointed that i've finally reached the end. its getting so interesting and the Dijernik lizards were a great invention. desperately want to know what's happened to Cytosine! please! update ASAP!

n e way, extremely tired now (just came back from a chamber music concert at skool) and will prob head off to bed now. congratulations on such a brilliant piece of work! keep it up! (otherwise i will send virtual threats to u :P )

lotsa luv (and hopefully some inspiration too... although i'm not too sure that i'd be one to inspire...), nadia :P
6/15/2003 c1 Alaurei

I noticed that you've reviewed some of my stories as well as DigiDayDreamers. He has been nagging on me to read your story and I finally said I would. School has been overwhelming so I'm sorry it has taken so long. Now, onto the review.

I love the story! Felidas sound so great! I mean, I don't have a cat but I used to so I have a small image of what Cytosine looks like. My cat was black though but I can imagine colors! ^_^.

The plot sounds interseting for I love dragons so I can't wait to continue reading. Sorry I couldn't read farther today but I've got a lot of homework since school ends on wednesday. Anyway, keep up the great work!

Hopefully we can be friends!

-Nickel City

(Hey, I think my e-mail and my AIM is in my profile so maybe we can talk sometime!)

"To infinity, and beyond!"

(my motto)
6/15/2003 c2 38Fate Thirteen
You're right, the first version was sort of rushed. And this one is much better - I'd been wondering why Cytosine just helped him out considering what had happened to her before. This chapter fits in much better with the rest and seems more natural.

Thanks for the luck for Thirteen - I'm off to write some more for Angelus now. Laters...


PS. I hope you update soon - I want more!
6/14/2003 c3 14DigiDayDreamer
Yah! This is definitely better, Belle!

I'm reviewing for chapter 2 and I must say, it's really better than I expected. It was better leaving out the part where Cytosine tells Dravidian about her past. She also has a better reason to lead Dravidian back to Mt. Dragon.

I also like the part about Luna's instincts on trusting newbies. And Silver is becoming more of himself, the suspicious part that is.

Also if you can, can you revise Sol and Solana too? It would be better because the beginning dialogue in chapter 3 was very confusing and the legends could use a little more polish. Thanks in advance.^_^

PS: I'm now working on the second chapter of 'The Angel's Seal'. I hope it won't be as long as the first one.

Well, gotta get back on working on that second chapter.

Until then. . .

Spell ya later!
6/14/2003 c8 3naughty little munchkin
hey me again!

aw, Dravidian is so sweet! lol! if he wasn't a dragon, i'd see a little romance beginning to blossom! lol! but yeah, he's such a cutie.

n e way, REALLY enjoying the plot so far! also... so dravidian already knew the way back on foot right? y did he pretend not to know in the first place? interesting...!

n e way, keep up the good work ya hear?

lotsa luv, nadia :)

ps - thanks for u're review on 'The Gryphon's Rose'. reading that chapter again made me think twice about the 'strong as a mountain' line. lol! ah well, will see wat can be done about it.
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