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6/6/2003 c1 3naughty little munchkin
hey there! lol! well, i took u're good advice and clicked on the button in the bottom left hand corner :)

n e way, this was a BRILLIANT opening chapter! it captivated me from the very beginning and the storyline was interesting and comfortably descriptive. i like the characters u've created: the 'felida'. an original creation :)

so far, i've liked how u've structured it and u're direct and sophisticated style enhances it all the more :)

i'll definitely be back for more! keep up the fantastic work... i'm sorry, i hope u don't mind me dragging on in mindless praise of u're story :) its just that i can't think of any criticism! a little busy right now, but will read wen i have more rare and precious spare time on my hands :)

luv, nadia

ps - thank u VERY much for u're kind review on my story :) i greatly appreciate it! all the more glad i am to return the favour. this is SO going on my favourites list.
6/5/2003 c4 20Silence's Song
Hello again! Thanks for all of your reviews! I can see why Chapter 4 is one of your favorite chapters. I think it's one of my favorites so far too! I love Cerberus, and I love how you did their accents. Great Job, as always! :P
6/5/2003 c2 Silence's Song
Wow! I love how you put the two most unlikely creatures together, and made them start a long journey together too. It's funny how they are so different, yet so alike at the same time. I love it!
6/4/2003 c1 Silence's Song
Hey Belle!

Thanks for the review, and now I shall return the favor!

I love your story so far! You depicted Cytosine perfectly. I am already very attatched to her, and I'm sure all of the other readers are too. I'm also extremely impressed by how well you write. The felida seem almost real! You've done a great job with this story!
6/4/2003 c9 2Kayasuri-n
Oh good, its up! And a new chapter for Unicorn is coming in a e-mail near you! Insperation struck, and I couldn't ignore it, so...

Azure- I liked it better when we first looked at it.

Dracula- Dravidian's a cool dragon, not as cool as wyverns, but cool.

Ego trip much? Anyway, tootles!
6/3/2003 c9 17Hawk Firelander
OOh! Exciting! Scary! Cliff hanger! I HATE Scout. OOh, he makes my blood boil! Spoiled little brat! Hiss.
6/3/2003 c9 Wildmage42
I LOVED the Scout/Drav thing! Well, I'm glad that you didn't leave it off at the "knocked unconscious" part, but the other ending was just as bad! Please don't leave it there long!
6/3/2003 c8 8Kezkay
What friend? You bumped into me, Draggy. I'm not tellin' you nuthin."

"You just ran into that tree!" wheezed the Griffin. "You are so stupid, Draggy." He broke into another fit of laughter."

HAHAHAHAH! That is HILARIOUS to think of Dravidian running into a-a TREE! *doubles over with laughter* Their little "bump" in the forest was very well played out, I was beginning to wonder when "Draggy" was gonna show some his hot blood! Ah, drat. Lunch is over, got to get back to math, bye! -Kez
6/2/2003 c1 Daiger
What happened? I came back after writing my stories for a bit and this 'dude' starts flaming you. *gets a flame-extinguisher and puts out the flame* Whew! *glares at cooldude* Don't you know flaming is dangerous for your health?

Really, of all people, you get a flame for this. And a note to 'cooldude':

How dare you call Dravidian a sissy! You've wrongly criticized an individual's character! I will not put up with such ignomony anymore! *starts throwing various rotten fruits at cooldude* Take that! And that! *stops and realizes it was just a dummy* Oh, I thought that was him. *gives cooldude a mean deadly glare* And read the whole story before flaming Belle that Dravidian is a sissy! I won't forgive you if you call him with retarded insults. So what's wrong with talking cats? It's like saying there's something fishy with those people eating frog legs in public. It's all diversity and you should learn to tolerate it. You shouldn't even review at all if you're just discouraging a person to dream. Oh, by the way, what's so cool about flaming works of art? There's nothing cool about demoralizing on what people worked so hard on. So there.

Belle, I also came here to ask if I influenced you in some way, because of the 'votes' before the chapter. I forget to mention this in my last review, so forgive me.

Well, gotta get back to writing!

Spell ya later!
6/2/2003 c9 3Handmaster
YOU ARE EVIL! cliffhangers are bad. (I don't care if I use them, I don't like reading them)

What I do with my fight scenes (dunno if you wanna copy me but...) is I tell the reader exactly what the characters in the scene are doing without using too complex words/sentences. EXACTLY! down to spins/ducks/where their looking occasionally. I wouldn't expect you to copy my style, but if you want to, feel free.
6/2/2003 c9 30Silverfire Starr
Wow, dangers in fog add to the tension of the story. I like the knock-out part.

Just one thing a little confusing about the fighting part: you gave really clear and specific descriptions of both fighters; how could Cytosine have seen them that clearly in the fog?

But overall, it's great! The Scout/Dravidian part was highly enjoyable, I especially liked the bit with Artemis!

Update soon!
6/2/2003 c9 14DigiDayDreamer
Great chapter, Belle!

Half the humor and half the suspense! Really good, though the humor part seemed a bit long. But I don't mind.

Dijernik? I haven't heard that word before! Somehow, your descriptions of them sound like those fish-men often prtrayed in scary cartoons in TV.

LOL. A hyperventilating dragon? That's so funny! *imagines Granar doing the same thing* LOL x Infinity! Scout really cracks me up! (Breath in, breath out. Must! Stop! Laughing!)

Yeah, you were vivid with your descriptions, Belle. Despite the errors, it was a handful. Especially when you heighten the suspense with those eerie voices. But did you have to spell it out like this:

K. . .I. . .L. . .L. . .

It sounds like they're spelling instead of prolonging their words. I'm not flaming you or anything, I just want to point this out.

Woah! 60+ reviews? Man, you have more reviews than Skyra! Guess reviewing really pays off in the end! Man, wish I had that many reviews! Sigh. . .

GAAH! I'm so slow! I've been writing on this humor fic about TUD I told you about and it's taking me like forever! The plushie fic, I will withhold for now but I will post the humor fic! Somehow. . .If I'm lucky enough to finish the other fics, I might even get started on writing the second chapter, which will be hopefully not as long as the first one.

I reply to your review once I finish the second chapter.


Well, I'll wait for your next chapter. Until then. . .

Spell ya later!
6/2/2003 c9 2LazeyWinde
Oh, an exitin' chapter with, what's that word...


Could almost see (Or not really see) the mists and Cytosene wandering lost through them. *Cues scarey type music*

Dravidan's SRS was interesting, hopefully he doesn't have a relapse when he tries to rescue Cytosene.

I noticed a couple of things and now that my head's a little more clear I'm gonna CRITICIZE!

What was Luna's episode in the first paragraph? I think I missed it. And how'd Dravidan fix it? *Confused*

You said that the lizards *Is too lazey to get their names* had "frail, bony hands", but they seemed more strong than frail.
6/2/2003 c7 hiro-0911
hey, got across your fic once again and have finished up to this part at last! Some new characters huh? Cytosine's so down to pity herself too much, because of those dragons. Good chaps! I'm sorry if i've been lost for a long time (if you have read the HIRO'S WOES section in my website, you'll know why). And oh, thanks a lot for pointing out my errors, they're really bad, naughty errors and I'll have them revised right away!
6/1/2003 c8 3Handmaster
This is a really awesome story! There's still a few errors (mostly grammatical) but the story itself is great. My favorite character is Dravidian. On the other hand I utterly hate Scout. (annoying little brat) The enimity between the two is hilarious. I'm definitly going to read this all the way through.
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