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12/31/2003 c4 8Sanderek
Hey, Belle. o, the plot thickens. Anyway, nice chapter, and I really liked the Cerebus, especially their arguments... typical for three things sharing one body. Anyway, I can't wait to find out what happens next. Cytosine rocks! She's one of the coolest characters, Luna is a little annoying though. Just fix up some of the grammar, especially with the Cerebus' speech (I know it has to be Scottish sounding [which I laughed very hard at], but it would be nice to be able to understand what they're saying completely) Ok, awesome job on finishing an actual story... which I'm still attempting! But, now I have a goal.. considering the awaiting publishing company (yey!). Anywyay, Belle you rock and keep up the good work.
Btw, update a stat for me please in your SG. You can do whatever you think's necessary. Keep working on it because its awesome!
DID YOU READ THA EVERYBODY? Its aesome... hint hint for the stupid ones reading this, READ IT! Ok, I think i made my point.
Thank you. Good bye.
- Sandman -
12/19/2003 c14 6Blue Dragon-sy
Actually, I've already reviewed this, but because of some problem, the review got deleted! T_T
Anyway, this is a great story, with great descriptions and storyline! Although there are a few grammar mistakes, I actually read the whole thing without stopping! Yes, my eyes were glued to the screen in that three hours I spent to read!
I'm really sorry for not reviewing before. I had lots of reasons, but I don't think you'd want to hear them. They're just a part of the story of my life. XD But thanks for reviewing my story! I really appreciate it!
I've already said it, but your story is great! Keep up the good work! ^_~
-"No one can truly determine the outcome of an action, not even the one who guards Time." ~ Jruceques, from my story Shadow Claw (Unknown Chapter)-
12/10/2003 c14 Kinryou
A cliffhanger even at the end of a fic...I hope Scout has a bigger role in the sequel. He was a brat, but he was still comical. Well...I can't exactly find the right words to explain how I feel about this fic, but I must say you outdid yourself! It was an excellent story. If I ever find this 'cooldude' or whatever the bastard's name was, I swear I will tear his liver out and nail it to his forehead! Sorry about the rant, but I despise it when pathetic humans think they can do things like that. Well, I guess that I best get on to the sequel! Until next review, Sayou nara!
~Kinryou of the Darkness Flame
12/5/2003 c15 15La Bella Caracol
Hello! It's been a while but SO MUCH is going on here that I've barely had time to breath. School is much harder this year. Anyway, to reviewing,
EXCELLENT! I'm glad I waited to read it because now I don't have to wait for you to upload the sequel ;) Which I'm off to read now...
-Riana Rogue
P.S. I don't know if I'll be able to review regularly. It's Friday and there's no one online so I have free time on my hands. It's kind of nice :)
12/2/2003 c1 4Nathan K
I like it! good dialouge and descriptions of the characters thoughts
11/17/2003 c1 12Contia Mirian
^_^ (just adding to your already high reviewer count)


(Tia from Writer's sprirts)
11/10/2003 c1 2Xaviara
O nice cliffhanger! The story is really good so far, I like it. Cytosine is a neat character, she is my favorite although Luna and Silver are pretty cute. I will read the next chapter later. ~bye~
11/8/2003 c4 anonymous
I'm at chapter 4. I've seen a lot of fantasy, and the whole prophecy thing thats in (almost) every fantasy is getting kind of old. And why couldn't Cytosynme...Cypeng...cyytondf...:(... WHATEVERHERNAMEIS! Sorry about that. Why couldn't... the main character and...Draved...that guy figure out that prophecy? Oh well... I liked your story anyways.
10/20/2003 c1 Skeleton Leaf
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Can't describe how good this is. I can hardy wait to read the rest of your story. The name Cytosine is cool ;). Oh, please drop in and review my story too.
10/12/2003 c2 10DrunkenMonkeyKing
Good chapter, Belle, though I think the felida's should have been able to do more damage to the dragon, but maybe not. Thanks alot for your reviews on The Melody of Fire, it's nice to get reviews from people that you know actually read the story. Anyway, thanks again, good story, and update Spirit Guardians soon!
10/11/2003 c3 8Sanderek
Cool. When Luna caught the fish, it seemed like mass chaos, LOL. Yeah, I like Dravidian, he's cool. I especially enjoyed your legend about Sol and Solana. And how dragons were Sol's important creature. There was one sentence that could be fixed up, though:

"Luna's eyes flashed as he small group of trout begin to swim there way to him"

*"Luna's eyes flashed as a small group of fish began to swim (their way to him or towards him)" Something like that.

Anyway, awesome story so far! I'll talk to you later. For the review of Chapter 2 and this one, increase Aura's magic for both please.

Also, is this story done? Wow, I'm impressed. Anyway, good luck with SG.

- Sands -
10/11/2003 c2 Sanderek
Hey, Belle. This story is pretty good so far. There were only a couple grammar things you could've fixed up here and there. However, the story is interesting none the less. I'll try to read some more.

Keep up the good work!

- Sands -
10/11/2003 c15 30Silverfire Starr
Okay...here it goes...


1.Lunar Stellaris, Earth

2.the story takes place in a fantasy land.

4. Draggie


1. Cytosine sumthing, Light

2.becuz he lives in a library and is ancient and reads a lot

3.um, cat?

4.Very small and curious and...talks a lot?


1.uhem, Light-Full Shadow-no moon Wind-waxing crescent Fire-claw moon Water-second half of the half moon Earth-first half of the half mon

2.None but Cytosine could understand it.

Well, I never was good at those after book quizzes.

But that was fun.

10/10/2003 c15 38Fate Thirteen
A QUIZ! *does the quiz dance* OOh, I am so going to get these right... *puts on quiz hat*

Assuming I do get any right, please randomize Lo's stat upgrades. Thank you!

Easy (allegedly)

1. Lunar Stellaris... element... *thinks* Earth?

2. Earth!

3. Scout's full name? Err... Nimbus... He's Artemis' nephew... Windfall?

4. Draggy!


1. Erm... Cytosine... the Felida? I don't know. I admit defeat. But I do know she's a Light felida. HAH!

2. Because he's... clever? Learned? OH WAIT, something about knights! Didn't he think he was a knight?

3. OOH I know this one! A racoon! SCORE!

4. Fishing. I will never forget that fishing chapter.

Hard (straightens quiz hat determinedly*

1. OK. Shadow (new moon) Light (full moon) er... Wind? Earth, Fire, Water.. I don't know the moon phases.

2. Dijernik chant... Um. It has all the elements in it? And it rhymes? And Cytosine can understand it but nobody else can?

3. No, I really don't know that one!

Awesome quiz, Belle! But a little hard... *throws quiz hat away* That didn't help either.
10/9/2003 c15 14DigiDayDreamer
A quiz! Reminds me of TUD. ^_^ I wonder how I’ll fare with this.


1. Um, Lunar Stellaris, and I think his element is Earth?

2. Wait, I can get this. . .never mind, should have paid more attention to the first chapter.

3. Scout um, something, something with ‘fall’, wait, is it Scout Windfall?

4. That’s easy! It’s Draggy!


1. I know this one. Cytosine Starlia.

2. Oh, I like this question. He considers himself because he believes to be descended from ancient royalty (though faulty this reasoning is) and insists on being treated with royalty. The fact that he is also a librarian and a researcher of human history, especially kings and nobles, contributes to his unwavering belief of nobility in his blood.

3. Oy, it’s those legends again. *slaps head* maybe a raccoon or a fox. Other than that, no clue. . .

4. Ability to swim without touching the water, singing the catnip song, asking questions endlessly (not sure if that’s a talent, though)


1. Felida elements? I only remember some of it: Earth, Light, Wind, Water, Fire and Darkness. . .what the heck? Did I just write that? *loses himself and starts typing incoherently* New moon=Darkness Full moon=Light “claw moon”=Earth waxing cresent=wind first half=water second half=fire. *Starts to regain himself and gapes at his own writing* Uh, I’ll just leave it like that.

2. There are special things I can hint about: a) it rhymes with equal amounts of syllables on alternating stanzas, b) or it basically summarized the journey of Cytosine’s journey so far c) OR maybe it was a ritual of sorts, I don’t know, maybe I should have stopped at the first one.

3. *winces at the mentions of legends* Argh, I feel so. . .empty. Should have read more.

If I’m lucky enough to get any points from this, add them all to Faranda’s (Fur) Speed.

Looking forward for the sequel!

Until then, Spell ya later!
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