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for A Simple Twist Of Fate

10/9/2003 c14 2Kayasuri-n
Belle, I loved it! And it sure was a surprise! CAN'T WAIT for the sequel! *squeals* Yay! This is so good!

Azure- hum? Oh, yeah. I'll get her to work on Search for Avalon too. She finished reading an 'inspiring book' just now, about Avalon...yeah...

See yah! *waves two fingers*
10/8/2003 c15 17Hawk Firelander
What? That's the END? But we don't know what the Silver Fang's gonna do or why the felida attacked Dradivian... How could you do this? *growls* Scout is evil... Er. Right. *hits self* Stopping hating Scout! Anyway, you gonna write a sequel?
10/8/2003 c15 20Silence's Song
Oh...most of these questions seem hard too me, and I usually have a good memory!

1. What is Luna’s full name? Luna Stellaris of Earth

2. Where does this story take place?

O...umm...paradise valley?

3. What is Scout’s full name?

Can't remember that one. Could it be Artemis Windfall I (That was a complete guess)

4. What is the nickname the Scout gives Dravidian?

I know this one! DRAGGY!


1. What is Cytosine’s full name? Cytosine Star-something of light?

2. Why does Sir Artemis Windfall II consider himself to be noble, and insist on Scout calling him sir? I know! He read the human's stories about Camelot and gave the title to himself!

3. What animal spoke to Sol telling him that Solana created her? A wolf ( another guess...it's probably way off, but I remember thinking of my sister who loves wolves during this chapter)

4. Name at least one of Luna’s talents. Being funny? lol Wait... didn't he catch some fish at the river? Catching fish is my final answer then *winces* Hope it's right!


1. Name all six felida elements and what phase of the moon has to be in to represent that. Eks.I dunno.

2. What is so special about the Dijernik chant? The chant names all of the elements (felida's elements at least), and I think that the sun and night mentioned in it represent Solana and Sol. I hope that's acceptable, because I honestly have no clue what it could mean other than that...

3. Name all six felida that are represented by the elements, in the story that Silver tells? *dies* I don't know that one either.

Wow. That was hard. I'd be surprised if I even got half of them right! lol If I got any of them right, please put the points on Darkcry's Magic!
10/7/2003 c15 Alaurei
Hey, wow, hopefully I'll be able to get at least some of these right. 0_0 I have no idea what the questions are so hear I go.

*reads questions*

0_0 well, good luck to me.

#1. (don't mark me down if I spell this wrong) Lunar Stellaris?

#2. (wasn't this a very unique name? Ah, must remember. *smacks head. Oh yeah...) Something Valley. Right? I remember picturing a valley where Cytosine lived so it must be "_ (blanck) Valley". I shall look that up after the quiz.

#3. That, I have no idea at all.

#4. Draggy?

#1. (onto the medium stuff. Hrm.) -_I think it's Cytosine Starla? I'm not sure

#2. Oh! I know this. Artemis read the King Arthur's saga or something like that and he knighted himself. That was so funny.

#3. Wolf! It was a wolf! I love Wolves! How could I ever forget that. :) hopefully I'm right...0_0

#4. Catching Mice? ?'_' I don't know.

Hard stuff man!

#1. I got this. Wind, water, earth, fire, shadow and light? I think I've got some of teh moon phases too. Let's try.

Wind~ Cresent moons?

Water~ 2nd half moon.

Earth~1st half moon (is that at all right?

Fire~ No idea

Shadow~ No moon.

Light~ Full-moon (that one is somewhat obvious)

That, was so hard. onto the next one (and belle, that was practically a guess up there)

#2. Um...maybe it has to do with the moon sign on Cyto's hand? I dunno. sorry Belle.

#3. That, I have no clue.

Well Belle, hopefully I did pretty well. I'd like Adorell to be a little boosted up ya know? If there's anything you'd ever need me to do, don't hesitate. Love the story and I can't wait for book two!

-Nickel City

"To infinity, and beyond!"
10/7/2003 c14 Arrow Windwhistler
I thought I reviewed this already...but apparently I didn't.

I love the way you concluded the story...particularly this short paragraph.

Dravidar watched his son fly away into the distance. “I lost my first son to the felida all those years ago and it looks like I just lost another.”

That makes quite a lot of sense! You've really got the plot line going, gramatically well done, and it's a well rounded story.
10/5/2003 c14 Silence's Song
Wow! I cliffie! Please get up the sequel soon! I'm so glad you are writing a sequel...withdrawal won't be so hard now. I'm going to be wondering about the Dragon Tear and the Silver Fang to realize that A Simple Twist of Fate is over. What a great story! You really should publish it!

(+1 for Darkcry's magic please!)
10/5/2003 c14 8A-wolf-called-Skya
you have doen the epilogue great! and yes*Pretending to scold you* you got to read more on the story. anyway, i can't wait for your sequel!

I saw only one mistake, and it was a spelling one. instead of putting "me" in, you put another letter in the place of the m.

can't wait to talk to ya later...has justin been on at all lately, do you kno?

-Rachel/Ari(My nicky)

*Every legend leaves a mark*
10/4/2003 c14 31kitfallen
the end... ^-^ don't you just love/hate that phrase? oyu want it to end yet you want the story to go on.. this is why i usually never get around to actually finishing my stories...maybe i will someday..

anyway, i loved the ending.. and can't wait for the next part of it! but it would be good for you to take a breather and i wouldnt hate you if you didn't start it right away... Stitch might... but he hates you... well actually everyone.. already ^-^; this is what i get for... hey wait i never DID anything to get him! ... 0_0; ^^; oh well now i have a little fuzzy demon to hug.

Stitch: fuzzy? what's with the fuzziness! it's not like OTHER demons aren't covered in fur!

Cu: yes but you are fuzzy and cute.

Stitch: ... i hate you

Cu: i know ^-^

Meh: ...what was i blabing on about in my tired rambling brain? (it's 2 AM ... what? i couldnt sleep!) hmm oh well i'll just end this by saying:

I LOVE YOU STORIES! .. there now i'm over sounding like a.. *too tired..can't think of word* ..a.. something... oh well i should get a mallet to whack myself to sleep with.. *WHACK* Z (lol)

~Kit, Cu, and the Fuzzydemon- Stitch~

Stitch: gr-WA! *is tackled and dragged away* ... END! we!
10/4/2003 c14 8Kezkay
Yes! Finally! *hugs* *suddenly realizes what she's doing and drops you*

Ahem. An epilogue, an epilogue! whe~! Aww! Dravidar can be a pretty nice guy, on the inside. His last line however, though very touching, was slightly out of character. Maybe slow it down just a tad, or stretch out the thought between a little more description?

“Get off of me, you black furball,” Perfectly done encounter *claps* I feel Dravidian's pain. Little jerk.

Hey, why does the WOLF have to be the bad guy! No fair! haha!

... That's it? That's IT! That was like, the end of LoTR book one! The movie! *growls, rages and swears*

Hmm, what could PTD stand for...? Paternal Testing Diaper? I highly doubt it. what else? Pungent Tunafish Doorknob. I'll stop now. I realize when I'm not being funny... some of the time. I demand that sequel come out soon, Belle. Don't make me hunt you down! -Kez
10/4/2003 c8 6Blond Phoenix
Dravadian is very interesting. He didn’t seem to like Cytosine until now and its cool. I really think that you have a little romantic comedy going on here. Even though they are different doesnt mean that they cant love each other and I see that they are getting a special bond. Even if they couldn’t be involved with each other I can see that they care for each other a lot now. I’m trying to read the rest today, its conference weekend you know and my teachers didn’t give me any homework save seminary, so I think I can read to the epilogue soon. Fun fun fun.
10/4/2003 c14 14DigiDayDreamer
The epilogue was quite a cliffhanger for the finishing touch. So there's a whole new adventure waiting for them now? ^_^

And you certainly deserve an award like Nicki said, maybe not "The Plot of 2003" but something more special than that.

Nogar: How about an ice cream award?

O_O Um, well, that would do for now. *gives Belle and her great cast of characters, including the bad guys, ice cream awards*

Also, sorry for saying this but there were some typos I noticed, this being the most hilarious (for a typo):

Dravidian sighed and stared back at the sunset. “I love her father.”

I think there should have been a comma between "her" and "father". Otherwise, Dravidian would have meant that he loves Cytosine's father! LOL. Sorry if I offended you, but that typo was really funny to me.

I would have liked to mention other typos, but it's really not important at the moment.

And in a way, this epilogue was like the second chapter all over again.^_^

I feel so honored to have my idea used and I don't mind at all. Looking forward to the sequel and the quiz!

Stat Upgrade: Faranda's Magic +1

And I'm almost done with DW2's next chapter! If I'm lucky, I probably could finish it today, if not tomorrow.

I pray for your future story to succeed, Belle.

Nogar: Me too. Give my regards to Dravidian.

Hey, Nogar, you're being friendly all of sudden.

Nogar: What? No, you're just imagining things again.

No, I'm not. *grins widely before being whacked unconscious*@_@. . .

Nogar: OOps. . .um. . .

*puts a piece of paper that says "Well, until then. . .Spell ya later!" in poor hand, er, paw-writing*
10/4/2003 c14 Alaurei
0_0 I must find out who that creepy voice is. Hah, reminds me of the one inside of Kalee's sword. XD what if they're teh same people. o_0 Dum dum dum. Sorry, a little hyper since this guy just asked me out. XD Anyway, back to your story. You and a bnuch of other people deserve to get awards. Hey, that give me an idea. I'll do a short story thing to pass out awards! you and daiger and everyone else could use some awards. T-hee. Well, I've gotta go to the faire now. (reniassnace faire) that is today. ttyl and I can't wait for the sequel. ~_^

-nickel city

"to infinity, and beyond!"
10/4/2003 c1 1Kumira
O...*pant-pant* Nice stuff

you gots there. Could ya review on my work? And tell your friends on fictionpress to read and review my work pls! We!
10/4/2003 c14 Wildmage42
Sequel, yay! I like sequels. It sounds lik it will be a lot scarier, but I like scary things. Maybe I'm weird. Okay, I AM weird. But, anyway, to the review.

I like the Dragon's Tear. I'm not really sure what it is about it, but I fell kind of drawn to it. Which is pretty cool. Maybe I missed where you described it, but I'm picturing it as blue goldstone, which is kind of navy blue with little glittery things in it. That could just be because I have a blue goldstone necklace that is teardrop shaped, but I'm just thinking that direction. And I am babbling, as I tend to do so much lately, so I shall close. Sequel and/or quiz soon!

10/4/2003 c14 38Fate Thirteen
OH MY GOD *cries*

Belle... This story is beautiful. It has been such a pleasure to read from start to finish.

I did see a few typos in this chapter, which I can't actually find now... *searches desperately* I DID see them, I'm not making it up, but that's technicalities and boring stuff like that.

The sequel sounds scary! I'll be right in for that one, right from the beginning - I can't wait, and I hope you get as many reviews as you've got from this one.

I love your writing so much... I can't believe it's over! *cries again*
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