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7/11/2003 c1 No more now gone forever
coolage! I hope you get some more poems up! this is really good!

4/22/2003 c1 5MiraisGirl87
Hehe well you already KNOW what I think :D


As always.

You don't need my long reviews to tell you that. :)
4/7/2003 c1 87OptimisticRomantic
Whoa! i liked that poem. I especially liked the lines:

"Your heart is veiled with hate and rage

Refusing to step out of it's blood-coated cage"

My heart was full of hate and rage and a bit is but doesn't everyone hold it from time to time? nehoo great poem. You need to write more. I'd love to read them. ~_^

3/12/2003 c1 98hurtmushroom
yep, cool poem. liked it! keep it up!

cio, hoellenwauwau

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