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for The Pen of a Writer

11/22/2003 c1 37Fantwriter
Okie dokie!

The meaning was good, and simple as well. you can definitely catch you style...^_^

Er...um...bwah? Kind of weird though...hmm...

3/23/2003 c1 36Rhia
thanks for reviewing my songs, I love this one, heh heh heh. esp. this part.

"The pen of a writer,

Rhyming, rhyming,

Weaving poems, singing songs,

The pen of a writer."

It's exactly I do when writing. hm, u have a lot of good words. like

" Constructing, devising,

Forming, hatching,

Producing, composing,"

all I could prob. think of is scribbling, and writing. hahaha.

limited vocab=moi.


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