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for The World in the Eyes of Me

8/11/2003 c1 10Marlah Singer
Excellent, Truthfull, Full of Wisdom, and now i feel like i'm kissing your ass. I'm white, and live in Australia. i totally agree with everything you say. Bush is fucking asshole. but apparently when you say this at 15 you dont know what the hell your talking about. i'm glad someone, had the balls, to tell everyoe their screwed, coz i know we all are. even if ur popular, or have the best clothes, or are beat up, ur all SHIT! in the immortal words of you, This World is Corrupt! I can't w8 till i get out of here
7/2/2003 c1 27LaureLalaith
My sentiments exactly! I like your ideas...finally someone with some sense!

and thanks for reviewing!
4/16/2003 c1 210Kelpylion
This is a good, if really depressing essay. Still, you need to work on your punctuantion; use more commas, semicolons, and periods. As it is, you have a lot of run-ons, making it hard to read. You make some good points. Still, I believe the view you express is slightly too cynical.
4/7/2003 c1 42Almost Infamous
Amen to that. Tell it like it is. Sadly, this is so true. The government, or the world is not as color blind as they want us to think they are. The same goes with religion. As a Hispanic Jew, I also face discrimination everywhere. We have to fight for our rights... if not, who will?

Thank you for reviewing my story! I'm terribly sorry about the spacing in the first chaper. I deserve to be shot, putting up a chapter like that! I completley fixed it all, and will have the last chapter up soon, probobly today or tommorow. Sorry about the first thing. Thanks for reviewing...

3/24/2003 c1 4DarkestHeart
Hm, a powerful piece. You clearly have very strong opinions as to the way of the world. All I have to say is - you go girl!

3/17/2003 c1 38Lex C
dag, the world is corrupt. I like this essay. Brutally honest and completely true.

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