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for The moon

10/5/2006 c1 snow in the twilight
I love the moon and this poem was great. Keep writing this is great nad i know you can do more
4/19/2004 c1 2Insane Chaos Dragon
I lovee dee poem. Teh poem was of teh beautifully written. I give it... *counts her bishies and Characters for those Bishounen* ...76 thumbs up! Oh wait... *sees children* 79 thumbs up. That good. ^_^ Question... Can I use this in a project I'm doing? I'm supposed to collect three poems for each of my two topis (Day and Night) from other sources. Can I use this one? Please? Eternal Gratitude in return!
7/22/2003 c1 1Ana Muune
WOW! I like the third verse best too! Awesome poem. The moon is my favourite celestial body. It's so beautiful! Anyways, a request if you don't mind? Won't you read my story "Shadows from the Past?"

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