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3/7/2007 c1 87x.Insanely Serene.x
*tearr* i love it!

9/5/2004 c1 14Horse-Lover53
WHOA! THAT WAS ReaLLY GOOD! It made my mouth literally drop open! NICE WORK!
5/28/2004 c1 11Jez-Arinn
these are not empty words!
it's meaningful. ^^
each line arranges itself nicely.
great haiku!
3/16/2004 c27 34Children of the Root
i know the feeling. i love daydreaming. Good Haiku!
11/15/2003 c26 100Keep it 100
I loved it.

~Heart of the Sword
11/7/2003 c26 34Children of the Root
good work! its kinda sad but I like it alot.
10/24/2003 c25 Children of the Root
awesome image it creates
10/21/2003 c19 127godawful teen-angst poetry
Yeah, I've definitely been there...
10/21/2003 c18 godawful teen-angst poetry
Aw...poor Kess...*pats on head*
10/21/2003 c25 100Keep it 100
So great. The image was almost surreal.

~Heart of the Sword
10/21/2003 c25 127godawful teen-angst poetry
you're back! yay! What a nice surprise. I like this a lot... I wonder what makes him cry? hmm...better not to know, though, probably.

10/21/2003 c25 63Taka and Keichirou
very good...

8/26/2003 c24 127godawful teen-angst poetry
you write such great haiku...I'm feeling...uninspired. not by your poetry, just in general. gah...
8/24/2003 c24 34Children of the Root
great haiku, if not somewhat sad. I especially like the last line.
6/30/2003 c23 100Keep it 100
Fantastic work.

~Heart of the Sword
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