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for Willy Sunshine: American Outlaw

4/30/2021 c1 mikaelabichara
Awesome story you got here! I like how the plot is going. If you have some great stories like this one, you can publish it on NovelStar, just submit your story to or
6/28/2005 c1 3Lord Belgarion
Wow...this is a real gem. The humor and wit in this is amazing, along with our protagonist's personality.

The most notable is the West Virginia Jokes and the 'No, that's what I would have done if I'd cheated...it was science'. Incredibly funny stuff!

Strive For Righteousness,Lord Belgarion
6/10/2004 c1 6Almond Flower
Hilarious! I haven't read (or have seen) a good western in a long time. It's very entertaining. It's the first fic to catch my attention all day. I like the narrating between the gunshots.
5/25/2004 c11 1Michelangelo
I guess you missed the part where it says "WILLY SUNSHINE WILL RETURN"!
So yeah, the first edition in the saga of Willy Sunshine is complete, but the sequel is on its way. So stay tuned. I don't know when that's gonna happen, but most likely soon, cause summer vacation's almost here...
5/24/2004 c11 15BecomingMyself
Britney and Marvin(!): God, it is hilarious again, but ehh, wait on: Why does it say COMPLETE in the summary?
Like K.C. and the -Willy's last name's- band (?): "Please, don't go, don't go oh oh, please don't go!"
Waiting for chapter 12...PLease?
5/8/2004 c11 8DPTRM
Complete Sweetness. What happened to all of the treasure that they buried. Can't they just pick it up and be rich again?
4/29/2004 c1 Toondra
all right, I didn't read this, but im sure its great, i just wanted to check and see if you're the one who review "Never Fear, Mango's Here" on my account, could you please let me know?
4/6/2004 c10 15BecomingMyself
"The fat guy is in the restroom"?
What the heck is that all about?
Anyway, are you a nephew of Noah Wyle, because I know he has a lot of Emus around his farm? Or living in Australia?
Ostrich steak is great meat to eat!
And what about homosexuality? Not anything wrong with that, huh?
I have to wait to where this one is going, I miss the songlyrics in this one though...
Keep moving and keep it coming!
3/23/2004 c10 8DPTRM
I'm about ready to knock your head off for taking so long to update this! Over a month ago you said you'd have one up by the weekend. Oh well. This goes pretty well with the timing of my birthday(tommorow). Some of it is kind of wierd...ok, all of it. That doesn't mean it's not good. It's hilarius. Just know that I'm prepared to kill you if it takes this long for you to update again. By the way, nice name change.
3/11/2004 c8 DPTRM
come on mike...two weeks ago you said you'd have chapter ten up in two days! Where is it?
2/29/2004 c9 DPTRM
come on MIKE2. wheres chapter 10?
2/19/2004 c9 15BecomingMyself
"It grows dark. The sun falls in front of us as the blue sky melts into black. One star leads us forward. One star to guide us through the black of night, as gray shadows blanket our every move. Chicks dig poetry.": Oh, yeah, they do!
Sorry for the delayed review, but it was worth waiting until I got the time and enjoy the Gangsta : STOMP STOMP CLAP "WE WILL WE WILL ROCK YOU..."- rap.
And I bet one day we are told the whole story of "El Grande Americano", no?
Got a nice weekend ahead, so hurry and finish chapter 10 of which your friend militatarynut32489 was talking about...
GREAT as always!
Write on...
2/9/2004 c9 Review
Very clever until you mistakenly used things out of time sequence. There was no Arnold in Western times :/
2/7/2004 c9 dan rm
funny...is pac based on someone from our old class by any chance?
2/7/2004 c8 dan
yeah...really funny...i had to read this again cause it been so long i didnt remember where the story was...now im going to read chapter 9!
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