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for Under Wicked Skies old version

9/14/2003 c4 I am Gone
This is excelent.I really liked what I have read I'll have to check out some of your other stuff soon.
7/15/2003 c1 wacka dkid
it sounds good so far. the fighting moves and stuff are clear but the people doing it arent as much so. i get it after i read it twice but it sounds like carrie is fighting marrissa.. ahh whatever. i'll confuse myself. *points finger forward* onto the next chapter!

4/27/2003 c1 5gaile
Ollie! This was the best novel I've ever read. i can't believe no one has reviewed this yet. Bastards! non-reviewing people are the epitome of evilness. I'll have to read Flee sometime. you sent it to me, but i've only read the first couple of chapters. Damn my procrastination!

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