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9/21/2004 c2 6WakkoRyan
"Blurgy Puff-narf blurg"
Wait, narf?
2/16/2004 c1 zephyr mist
These are funny and original. I'm not good at writing haiku myself but you obviously are! I've read some more of your work and I've enjoyed them all. In fact you are on my favourite authors list.
2/16/2004 c2 8Raven Oghma
Hahaha... Very nice. I absolutely love the pen name, too!
"Poor, unhappy Erik! Should we pity him? Should we curse him?"
Good job. Keep writing!
10/15/2003 c1 220Namir Swiftpaw
LOL, it makes me happy that there are other people who write stupid random haikus! These were funny. ^^; Thanks for the review on my silly haikus!

~Namir Swiftpaw
7/16/2003 c2 IrishVampire13
*snickers* These were too fun!
4/22/2003 c2 210Kelpylion
I like these, they're quite humourous. The cheez-it one gets the mood pretty well. I like.
3/25/2003 c2 11Undomiel Malfoy
LMAO that is so awesome! Really! Honestly! Yeah! Whoa...I've had too much caffene can you tell?
3/21/2003 c2 18electricity
These are great too!

Those slipper and monkey ones are great!
3/20/2003 c2 4Whisper to the Water
A collection of pointless haikus! H'ray. I especially appreciate your stereotypical comments on the Irish.
3/18/2003 c2 100Keep it 100
Heh. These made me laugh!

~Heart of the Sword
3/17/2003 c2 68Princess Mulan

YOu're a total riot!

Very, very cool haikus from a very very very cool writer!

very wild!
3/17/2003 c2 99Ti
Very intersting, I loved the last one.
3/17/2003 c1 59condemned Hope
they are funny to read
3/17/2003 c1 36Psycho-kyugurl
Okay, these is simply pointless but you know what? I enjoyed every single word.
3/16/2003 c1 3Battle Axe Warrior
Hehe, this was really funny!
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