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for Dobbedy Njnurbidy Komb

9/21/2006 c1 skitbunny
Might have been better if it would have had a better flow to it. The words that I'd have no clue as to how to pronounce confused me- but you know what, this just reminded me of some random dream I had last year, and for no apparent reason as it has nothing to do with your poem to my knowledge, lol.
12/17/2001 c1 44Cara
v. funny, but u r disturbed aren't u? LOL ^_^
2/10/2001 c1 winter's requiem
o.O Whoa. I think those weird words have challenged me to expand my vocab and include them. On guard! o.O Ok... I liked it! ^_~
11/30/2000 c1 4Cerasi
very well done...i suppose. how you come up with this, i will never know. thanks Starkiller for making her think of another one to write. you have probably just scared the entire fanfiction.net population.

never think of something like that again. if you do, i'll tell your elf friends to atack you and that you do not care if any of them die, as long as you get world domination. hah!

::other sane people "HUH?":: smell ya later
11/29/2000 c1 Starkiller
2 all the people who read and reviewed this...thing: U WEREN'T THERE WHEN XILMIN MADE THIS THING UP!...I WAS! (disturbing) Sorry. I guess I'm partly responsible for unleashing Xilmin's insanity on ff.net. Ay, Xilly! (heh, heh! You're gonna kill me now!)
11/29/2000 c1 4Kate Crufi
Hee, hee, hee... this was funny too... a bit more contrived than the other, though... it's more amusing when you use fewer nonsense words... harder to write, too, but I'm sure you can manage it :-)
11/29/2000 c1 5Anne Mophy
Um... that's a bit weird... have you read The Fruitcake's Doom by Kate Crufi? hee, hee, hee... she doesn't make up words, but the insanity level is similar... well, okay, you're a few notches more crazy... but no matter :-)

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