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4/8/2003 c1 Mlle D. Grey
okay...i feel so damn bad for the doctors and nurses...god, what did they do to deserve this, i mean the infected ones? nothing! just coz god damn tung chi hua is a freakin slow bum, and now, that's y all those ppl out there are dying! and the numbers r increasing day by day! God! and like we students hv to be stuck at home for like forever with loads of homework that can crush you to death!

y do we have such a bad government? GOD...

ok, done rambling...sorry...but just had to let it out...

3/25/2003 c1 Needa S
I just read your Bio so many dieing from this stuff. So sad! Keep praying everybody for the Lord works in mysterious ways he'll help the doctors find a cure...
3/24/2003 c1 28ChaoxAngel
Geez, down at my country, Singapore, there are about 50 or so who are sick. And a couple of them aren't looking good. We as one people back there are hoping for the best who are sick, and preparing for the worse. There would be fatalities - for the mortality rate for this disease is 3%

The government had set an emergency quarantine law to prevent the people who had come in contact with the sick patients from going out in 10 days - the incubation period of SARS. 740 people were affected by the law.

Let's hope the damage stops here, and I pray that God would help the sick to go through this difficult time of in their lives, and to close his hands to preserve their wills to survive, and bringing them health and recovery.

~DW (A.L.W.)
3/20/2003 c1 107Tori Keedah
*hugs* I hope there will be a cure soon. That sounds so.. horrible! I'll pray for those who need to find a cure soon. *shudders* That so.. horrid.

ps. Corpol is a rank. It praticlly one step down from being a sargent. A LET 3 is a class. Right now I am a let 2; can't go doddle. So let 3 makes me teach the little LET 1's.

*Hugs* I hope everything goes alright.
3/19/2003 c1 16Pear
A very sad news, especially during this kind of time. Let us pray, it seems to be the only thing to do...
3/19/2003 c1 35aurias
You mean the atypical flu. It is quite bad considering that it acts like a virus and researchers are still finding the cause of it. We have people infected here too but no deaths yet, thank goodness. I hope all those who were infected will recover soon. Pray for them, Princess Mulan, I will too.

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