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6/2/2003 c1 Pat
Quite nice essays. I can see passion in your writting, although it seems to filled with stereotypes and some-times un-based conclusions. I'm not saying that I disagree with your message (oh, Lord, no), but surely not all Americans can be racists, give them their credit. Still, I find your essays to be very brave, and even 'patriotic'. Don't let those so-called Patriots call dissent 'un-American", and don't let them call you ungrateful for your freedom, and, most importantly, don't let them call you a terrorist. Like the Sleater-Kinney song "Dissent's not treason, but they act like it's all the same."...just make sure to write just a little more eloquently next time, okay.
5/28/2003 c4 4Quiet One
Oh I love this! I'm totally against Bush so this is great! I agree w/ you on pretty much every thing you said.

And no, *sniff* I missed Michael Moore's speech! I heard about it though, and loved it. Well, gotta go, keep posting!

Quiet One
5/28/2003 c1 Quiet One
Hehe... I love Michael Moore. Have you read 'Stupid White Men?' Its great. One of my new fav. books. And it sounds like you have a pretty good style here so far. On to the next chapter!

Quiet One
5/12/2003 c4 13Draic
“Is our children learning!” I must have missed that. Oh my god. I’m gonna spread that everywhere. One thing that I remember Bush saying was something along the lines of “We have yet to restore chaos to Iraq.” He corrected himself, of course, but I couldn’t believe he actually said that and no one pounced on him for that! So I am pretty anti-Bush as well (although I have no real say over here in Australia). That was what attracted me to these essays in the first place, actually. I totally agree with you about the US defence system – it’s just a teeny weeny bit hypocritical for anyone to ask someone else to disarm while the first guy is armed to the teeth and aiming at the second. There was a great column in the paper one day about the writer’s 5-year-old daughter who completely destroyed all Bush’s arguments – one of the things she said was “So to give these people freedom, we have to blow them up?” I wish I’d kept that article. I was annoyed, however, that the mother seemed to be saying that she preferred to ignore the whole issue and concentrate on her own problems – like shopping. I wish I believed that what I did could change what is happening, but at the moment, I have to settle for cheering for those who try, from my position on the sidelines.

I really enjoyed reading these essays, actually. You may well be on your way to that newspaper columnist you’ve dreamed about.

Wishing you Luck, Inspiration and Motivation

- Draic
5/12/2003 c3 Draic
Your family actually sounds like your average ordinary family – in other words, we’re all ‘looney tunes’ in denial. That’s what I think, anyway. I have a fairly large family – both sets of grandparents had six kids – and I’m sure I find them all crazy as well. But I’ve been accused of the same thing, and I’m yet to find someone who’s actually ‘normal’. All those odd quirks may well be the things that keep you a family.
5/12/2003 c2 Draic
Own soundtrack, hey? Interesting idea. I’ve thought about that a few times myself, actually. I think I’ll do just that, next time I get the chance. One song from my soundtrack would definitely be “You can’t stop the music”. Firstly as I’m a bit of a musician myself, and secondly because I can’t actually turn off a song in the middle without the song popping into my head. Can be really annoying, but I also think it’s funny.
5/12/2003 c1 Draic
Heh heh. Honest opinion? Sounds great. I agree with you about ‘white Americans’, but as I’m an Australian, I apparantly don’t count. I think our Prime Minister is pathetic – a case of the blind following the blind. Anyway, if you’ve had problems with essays but are good with public speaking, why not have a chat show on TV or radio or something?
5/9/2003 c2 3nuckpang
hm, my personal soundtrack? hard one that. funnilly when i was at my various peace marches i kept playing Give peace a chance too. i've been singing hey jude to myself all day today, though it'd generally be jethro tull. if i could just pick one song, "thick as a brick", by tull.
3/20/2003 c1 nuckpang
LOL, a very good essay. the end especially made me giggle.
3/19/2003 c1 brokenfeathers
Haha, nice job! Continue!

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