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for Thank You Soldier

9/27/2003 c1 30The B.A.T
I have mixed feelings about this. It seems so one-sided... killing happened on both spectrums, long before the war. So this seems to be praising the continuation of that cycle. It's true, some people do in fact deserve to die, but these soldiers fighting to keep you safe... surely you must realize innocents on all sides are being sacrificed just for an attempt to get at a mere few people? I really can't thank anyone who kills "for my sake". I don't know... it's just me. This entire war thing is controversial.

-Yusef "The B.A.T." Pittman
5/7/2003 c1 Needa S
Awesome! I wrote a piece similair to this. Do keep writing you are very talented..
4/18/2003 c1 Londoner
This isn't a flame, because it's a nice poem, but did you notice that you're thanking a few thousand people for doing something that happened to the best friend you mentioned in your bio ... killing more people? I bet you didn't enjoy your friend dying. Some of those people you're thanking have killed quite a lot of best friends. I hope you do feel safe.
3/26/2003 c1 Mandy
That was very good:)
3/25/2003 c1 2RCS
All I can say is, in my humble opinion those soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines are a better breed of people than those in Hollywood.
3/21/2003 c1 1Slow Like Honey
That's exactly how feel too. This is a nice lil poem. I like it a lot, I'm bad at reviews. . .
3/21/2003 c1 Kimmer
That was a wonderful poem. I agree with it completely and would also like to thank those who fight for us. My dad is in Kuwait right now, so I know what it is like to miss someone. I don't oppose of the war. It needs to be done. But our soldiers, as the President said, 'will accept no outcome but victory'.
3/21/2003 c1 starlight4u to lazy to log in
Wow, this is really good. I wish those in the middle east who are fighting for our safety and rights here in America well and that God watches over them. Good job on this poem.
3/20/2003 c1 7Ermine Peridot
Very nice. Please include me in your thank-you, too! :)
3/20/2003 c1 52Krz
This is really nice. I hope one of them reads this.

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