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for Death

9/16/2005 c1 41sarah1491
I realize that you use this rhyme scheme in a lot of your poems. I like it,but it isn't too original. I think your poem is nice, but try to make your rhyming a bit more unique. I think you'll get more reviews that way. ;) Just my opinion. I like the poem though. :D
4/17/2003 c1 54Werecat99
That was dark, a bit creepy but very, very beautiful. In just a few lines this girl came to life before me and I could easily see her 'fake friends' as you have so well said, her emotions and despair.

Needless to say how much I loved it.
3/26/2003 c1 Needa S
Sad! Another awesome job! Keep writing...
3/26/2003 c1 7Khalida
**Balling** WAH! SHE'S DEAD! Bo ho...

That's a great poem, and I love the imagery you paint so well. I wish I could do that... not kill myself that is... I wish I could paint imagery as well as you.

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