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for In the White House Before Christmas

2/17/2019 c1 Guest
6/13/2005 c1 44Serene Waters
This is the funniest parody I have ever read in my enitre life! You must have been very well inspired by a hatred for the Clinton administration. Quite amusing. I especially loved the part with the ex-vice-presidents, that was excelent. You finished extremely strong with the last line, it made me very happy.
2/6/2005 c1 redcherrygirl
Brilliant, absoloutely brilliant. I know what I'll be reading out loud next christmas... JK!
6/3/2003 c1 JewlOFGreen
hahahaha very funny!
3/26/2003 c1 3L. E. Madison
In credibl funny! That's telling them! If I weren't opposed to swearing I'd say it was the best Poem on the subject I've ever seen. Great Job!

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