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for Going Someplace Special

4/11/2004 c1 8Nova Spirit
I'm not good at reviews so i'm going to leave this one short. This is great, sad though. Keep up the good work. Want to see more!
3/15/2004 c1 Marie20
Diffently a great song I just loved it. I think also that it would be song better country but it would also sound good as rock. =)
4/22/2003 c1 Kristy Pop
Hey, this is a good song, i think it definatly has a country tune to it, and i think it could sound good
4/8/2003 c1 10starrynightwings
*ahem* two suggestions for reveiw:

And I *just*don't care(if it works with tune)

to see if *it's*greener on the other side


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