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5/17/2003 c5 8TDL
Locely story, but I got to go. It's breakfast time. M, makin' bacon. lol.

~Tabitha, The Mad Hatter
5/17/2003 c2 TDL
I've actually never seen that spelling of my name, but af course I've only ever met four people who have it these past 17 years.

Billy Idol rocks! I blame my mum for poisoning me with her retro rock, but I'll get over it. lol.

I'm gonna read the rest now.

~Tabitha, The Mad Hatter
4/16/2003 c12 3Lomewen
I can't wait for the next chapter. I like the whole fate thing and calling everyone else mortals. I hope to see Leon and Crimson come back into another story because the gang might like to meet them.
4/16/2003 c11 Lomewen
Yay, Jareth is going home. I really like this chapter.
4/16/2003 c9 Lomewen
I'll bet he'll miss the dreaming, being able to have an endless supply of smokes that he doesn't even have to carry around! And yet another good chapter.
4/16/2003 c8 Lomewen
Another good chapter. The fight in this chapter was discribed so well I think that my chest really started to hurt, but only slightly.
4/16/2003 c6 Lomewen
Well, I'm back from a long trip without technology and I am reading your work again. Don't worry, you didn't lose me.

I love the hand of glory thing. Its really funny how he scares the cab driver into not letting him pay. This is a good chapter like the previous ones.
4/14/2003 c12 4Wylderaven
You're beautiful and brilliant and I love you. Not that good old Jareth didn't deserve that and all. ;) I can't wait to get started on 4, doll, so hurry your ass up and write me so we can post.
4/13/2003 c12 3Wolfbound
Ah, Random, it ends and I am still left screaming for more. It was wonderful, through and through.

And I was really starting to think we might have lost you there for a minute! Now THAT is good story telling!

Love Beyond Forever,
4/12/2003 c12 RainShadow2005
AWESOME! It ended just the same way that Seren's third story did! Can't wait for even more. Take your time to make it quality, but also don't keep the fans waiting long!
4/12/2003 c11 RainShadow2005
I'm shaking with excitement! He's going home! I'm sorry, because I know I usually give more lengthy reviews than this, but I just have to get to the next chapter. I can't wait to read it!
4/12/2003 c10 RainShadow2005
Somebody give that man a cigarette already! LOL.

I never doubted for a minute that he would pull through, but I was still glad to see him come out of his coma. It's good to see Crimson found Leon. He knew just what to do. I hope ol' Jareth gets that smoke soon, lol.
4/12/2003 c9 RainShadow2005
"I am in a world that obeys the laws of cartoon physics!"

I love that line. I'm jealous of you for making it up...lol. This was fantastic! The dream that Seren had now makes even more sense. It was a cool idea to have his Id come out and be an entity for a while. It made him put things in perspective. Going on to the next chapter now.
4/10/2003 c3 Lady Ivee
I love you. ::laughter, enduring and almost hysterical:: Roleplayers.

Why can't I edit something this much fun to read?
4/10/2003 c1 Lady Ivee
OMG! I can't believe it, you couldn't resist the Kitten stories, you had to drag them into this. I love it. At first the story seems shady, dark, and even gritty, what with the "contacts" and the alias' and everything, but then you manage to lighten it all up without changing the scene at all! Without even losing the darkness of Jareth's new lifestyle. It keeps him interesting and well..."human". And distractions like that keep me from screaming, "Doesn't he miss her? Doesn't he miss them all?" Not that there's any question.

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