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7/13/2003 c4 Emma Morgan
hey, julia, this is so good, except so depressing! and you thought my story was depressing! omg! get her some friends or i'll die!
4/28/2003 c4 elizabeth
Great new work. I think your dialogue improves with every new submission. Your description of Carrie's feelings after her Mother's death is both vivid and shows a real understanding of grief.

If you feel like doing so, you might add a bit more about the Mother's actual death rather than just the hearing aboiut the death ( very dramatic) and the aftermath for Carrie and Ash. Just a paragraph would probably improve the flow.

The part about the wife abuse and her Father's sudden departure from Carrie's life was tight,evocative and passionate-excellent writing!

I am very much looking forward to the next Chapter. You also might think of adding an arrogant self-absorbed male cousin into the mix for your main characters to play-off.


Keep-up the good work.
4/26/2003 c4 1Kristine
hey ju, it's good to know that you updated your fic. this lines really made me crack up "For some ridiculous reason, she had expected it to be horrible, with lots of stairs, and bitchy teachers, and the kind of cafeteria food you hear about in TV shows. Instead it was just like her old school, and any other school, with brick walls and ugly lockers and smelly classrooms"-this is exactly what i felt at my new school. i can fully relate. now now, my opinion of carrie's sister's character had changed. for the better. well, keep writing and i'll be waiting!
4/26/2003 c4 kiwifruit
hey Ju,

I'm glad you updated. Are yougoing to continue this story? This story is honestly quite depressing-it makes me appreciate my friends. *Wink* anyway, it'd be great if you kept going with the story!
4/7/2003 c3 Kristine
ok. now we get to see who carrie was and her family members were a little bit. so what's next? update soon. i'm gonna check this out. OR ELSE! *glares at Ju Too* ^_^ ok, her father was such an ass. beating a woman like that. tell me, you said carrie's mom would die after a year. therefore, this story had taken place after a year already? right? wrong?^^ anyway, i'm confused. i don't know if i overlooked it or what but i didn't see the descriptions of what your characters look like. their age, etc. you only wrote the happenings in their life. ^_^ adding a little profile thing doesn't bite authors. ^_^ okiedokie, gotta go now! ciao!
4/7/2003 c2 Kristine
what the? her mom's dying because of luekemia? God, that's sad. Unice's brother was dying because of leukemia too. now i know how it feels like to read that a character is going to die. man, i feel badd. awfully bad. by the way, is carrie rich? coz if she is, probably she can get her mother to a hospital and get her cured. okay, gotta go to chapter 3! wei!
4/7/2003 c1 Kristine
hey, you write well! i think you should continue this story. so far, i just read the first chapter. what i can say is: carrie is sort of a mixture of Earl and Unice, in my worth a try fic. ^_^ i like the way you portray her character. she doesn't give a damn on the people who gives damn on her. cool. anyway, gotta see the next chapter!
4/2/2003 c3 Natassia
yay! julia! the story's so good, i can't believe it... you think they're going to be fine, but oh no! you throw another curv! great job, i love it a lot!
3/28/2003 c3 kiwifruit
hey Ju Too

I love your story, it's very intense. I don't think that the title is quite fair: I think Ashley should get to share the spotlight too, condidering a good chunk of the story is about her. I'm excited to find out what happens at school. Kepp up the good work!
3/24/2003 c2 Natassia
hey julia! great story, you're doing a GREAT job on your story! i really enjoy it, keep writing. i can't wait to see how carrie deals with her mom's illness. well, keep it coming, i'm really enjoying it! love, nat
3/23/2003 c1 Porcella
Unusually good and quite enthralling with the play of words you use to surround your character. A different character than read most, but this is quite a good read. Pleas Please email me when you update. :grin: ^_^

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