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for Distance Makes the Heart

10/27/2009 c13 2book-geek
i cant believe this happened right after the huge cliffhanger ending in the last chapter! i love WSM & DMTH! i really hope that you can update DMTH soon!
4/14/2006 c13 2ChinoZ
Hi Bri, I'm as bad as you are. I've almost forgotten all about this website. However, my reasons aren't as legitimate as yours. I'm sorry to hear about the Jordan in your life. Regardless of what had been told to us, we are mortals. We are His children but we are not Him. It's never easy to let go. Take care. I'll be waiting for you to update even if you put them in a deep freeze.
9/16/2005 c12 1Northern Downpour
I just came across this story this morning... I don't even remember how... Probably as I was browsing through other profiles and checking out people's favourites.

I have managed to read through WSM and DMTH today... And I have absolutely loved them. I even rushed back home from choir rehearsal just so I could continue reading! That's how much I enjoyed them. However, I was a bit crushed as I reached the last chapter you'd posted and saw the way it ended, mostly because I can't stand to see couples argue and stuff. I realise it might be hard to write more of this after so long, but...if you could please make a little effort? If you can't, then I totally understand it. I think I can live with the fact that they are frozen in time just in the middle of a huge confussion and just before a quite possibly huge argument.

But I would love you forever if I saw an author alert in my email inbox saying you'd updated! That's right. You're going into my author alert list; I wouldn't want to miss an update!

I think I already rambled enough.. So, congrats on these great pieces of writing! And.. I hope to read some day about Lydia realising that Aubrey was just being... Well... You know what I mean.
4/3/2005 c1 JustLikeMe91
I was deleting a few of my favorite stories because I surpassed the limit and wanted to post a new one, when I came across yours. I saw it had a new penname so I was rather hoping that you had updated. So NEway, I check my profile and you had not updated. So I said, "well, if she changed her name she must have left a note." so I went and checked the profile. First I must offer my condolences to your grandma. I feel for you I really do. On the matter with your 'Jordan' I'm glad you're over him. He wasn't worth it...I think. Lastly, good luck on your homework/tests. Yet again, I feel for you. I can't talk though when I have a test tomorrow too. Better go study. Good luck and God Bless. Prayer works
11/20/2004 c12 JustLikeMe91
Oh Please Please Update! This is awseome, and that Aubrey is a conniving two-faced b... well, u kno
5/27/2004 c12 1Sober-and-Humorless
Wow, you seriously need to update soon! This is such a cute story.
4/28/2004 c12 BellaItaliana
i'm so glad you finally updated.. it's really good to see lydia on the healing path about elle's death. this aubrey situation i have to admit is making me nervous, i hope lydia forgives jordan they're so cute together. and i'm very sorry to hear about your jordan. don't feel to bad.. the past few months have been pretty rough for me also. if anything it's made me realize that people always at some point in their lives need someone to talk to so if you need someone to talk to you can email me or im me doesn't matter lol and i'll do my best to listen and even help you out if i can. anyway.. hope you update soon!
4/9/2004 c12 jsprincess247
hey , u havent updated in like 4ever can u please update this is a great story and i want to know what lyds is gonna do with the whole aubrey situation . i feel so bad for jordan. hes such a sweety. update!1
3/12/2004 c12 Speirmint
OH great ending, dont leave me in suspense too long. Update soon!
3/10/2004 c12 xxgdisease
wow...i hope lyds will give him a chance to explain...i hate aubrey...she did that purposly didnt she?
when are u gona update?i got nothing to do...i wana finish reading this story already..lol
3/5/2004 c12 june
ugh. what posessed jordan to ever date aubrey in the first place? i mean, he doesn't seem like the type who would go for girls like her. and doesn't aubrey understand the phrase, "i already have a girlfriend whom i love very much?" geez, what's her problem? i hope jordan and lyds don't break up...
3/5/2004 c12 2ChinoZ
No problem. I was extremely relieved to see your story. I missed it so much. =) Gods, this is a tough time. Poor soul. *hugs* Time heals all wounds. It may sound cliche but it's true. Update whenever u want all right? We will be here- just waiting for you to update. Waiting for the story that is loved and is worth waiting for. =)
3/5/2004 c12 6SilentBlueRose
Oh. That can't be good. Wonder what will come of this little event...
Good chapter, though. I liked it. Please update soon!
I'm sorry about you losing your real Jordan. I know how that is. To lose someone like that. Someone so close. But, at least we have the knowledge that God will heal us...
Have a good day!
3/5/2004 c11 SilentBlueRose
*gasp* She lives! Yay!
Wow, it's been a while since you updated. My goodness. You must have been busy. I mean, I've changed my pen name THREE TIMES since you last updated. Don't do that to me again! Please!
*cough* Anyhow, actually reviewing...
Good chapter. I liked it. Glad Lyds is starting to heal. I kinda know what she's going through. I haven't lost anyone like that, but the feeling of hurting yourself, losing all your friends. I can agree with that.
Well, on to read the next chap!
3/5/2004 c12 5Ellen Enchanted
Huzzah! She liveth!
Yay for the new chapter!
And I'm glad things are looking up for you... :)
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