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for Distance Makes the Heart

6/28/2003 c9 2ChinoZ
Wow... I never thought Jordan would react that way. I felt that he wasn't fair to Lyds. Yes, I know it's wrong for her to attempt suicide... but to get so mad at her? I mean, doesn't he realize that he leaving her only opens up the possibility of her really attempting suicide & succeding? What a jerk!

*sigh* He should know that humans are not infalliable, that is why we have GOD. I don't think GOD will react that way... If he has been a true son of GOD, he would know GOD operates on love & forgiveness, not anger.

I really pity Lyds... I wish I could hug her & comfort her. Sorry... I know I'm too involved with the characters here but then... I really treat them as human beings. It sucks to get the guy that I'm so rooting for to behave in this way... towards the girl that I had always empathized with. =(

Oh well, take your time to update. Your story is so good, then it's always worth waiting for. =) *hugs*
6/28/2003 c9 4Plateado
I know what Lydia did was stupid, and I can see why Jordan would be angry at her,

but I think he went just a little bit overboard. Walking out on her life that would only

cause more problems. But, that's just my opinion. Good chapter, though. Later!

6/28/2003 c9 Brittney
Hey! for some odd reason i knew lydia tried to commit suicide (before you put this chapter up). i'm so sorry your stressed..hope you feel better..if you have any questions i'm pretty good at advice and tips..so feel free to e-mail, take your time updating..

Britt a.k.a. La La
6/28/2003 c9 12FrenzyFan78
hmm. very interesting... im **AGAIN!** waiting anxiously for the next chapter!
6/28/2003 c9 nagenya
I don't like Lydia...never really liked her to begin with, and she became so irritating and pathetic and needy as the previous story went on...and even more so with this one...personally I'm hoping Jordan will meet a great girl at college and end it with Lydia, but we all know that won't open...blah.
6/27/2003 c9 kodiak bear
NO! Jordan can't just leave her! Grr...

Anyways, well done on the chapter. I do hope that you update as soon as possible! I love this story, Great job!

God Bless!

Kodiak ^^
6/27/2003 c9 Kristin
How could Jordan be so mean and stubborn! Bad Jordan! Kame sure to yell at him for me! Well...this was another AMAZING chapter! I think you already knew that! But...I hope soon becomes to be less and less time...because this is one story I CAN'T WAIT TO BE UPDATED! Please write more soon! I can't wait 3 weeks to read another chapter!

~Love Always~


6/25/2003 c8 1Laurie-the-Duck
Aw, you take your time to update hun. No rush. The chapter was great, and I'm sure it was hard to write about it, since it was so personal. Happy Writing!
6/19/2003 c8 12FrenzyFan78
Tis good... you really know how to make the greif realistic. Don't hava a lot to say now (sorry) but I'm anxious for the next chapter!
6/16/2003 c8 7C. L. Catino
wow, i'm dying to know what happens next. i couldn't help but cry these past few chapters. you have an awesome ability of writing if you can do that to your readers. i am sorry to hear about your great-grandfather. I hope things are well and keep up the great work!
6/16/2003 c8 Laurie-the-duck lazi i know
OMG, i feel for lydia. Fortunatly, i have not gone through a time when someone close to me has left yet, but i know someday it might happen. I cried just reading the chapters. Please update soon!

P.S. sorry about ur grandfather
6/15/2003 c8 SilverTear3

Wow these last 2 chapters are really good! You write with such depth and can really express emotions in it! You can make the reader feel like they are RIGHT THERE... feel the emotions that the charachters are feeling... maybe writing about death was a good thing... maybe it helped you sort out some stuff... anyways... this is really good. Nice job! I can't wait to read more of it! This is incredible!
6/15/2003 c8 BrilliantQT32
Recently someone I know died. I've gotten more steadfast in my faith since this accident, and I really appreciate how you said certain things in this chapter of your story. I feel like we have similar perspectives. Thanks for a great chapter; I definately look forward to a lot more. Much love...
6/15/2003 c8 kodiak bear
aw... Jordans so sweet. always there for lyds. i liked this chapter, and the last one, even though they were really sad. *sniffle* great job, update as soon as possible!
6/15/2003 c8 2ChinoZ
Gods, I wanna cry when I read these 2 chapters. I hurt so much. I could feel Lydia's pain even though I didn't know Elle well. I know I sound nutty but I could really connect with the characters here & it hurts a lot. They are hurting so badly especially Lydia. I'm scared that she would overdose on the sleeping pill thing.

Honestly, had I been Jordan, I would be a lot more worried when Lydia went MIA. I don't think I could stand to attend classes when I know that my girl is hurting so much and I couldn't get hold of her at all. Kyle is so callous. He doesn't know or he just doesn't care?

Also, I noticed that you didn't mention the non-christians way of coping with this pain. Well, maybe you would address that.

I think having Lydia questioning His will is very apt. A lot of us do not understand His will when a closed one dies.

Very well written Brianne! *hugs*
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