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for Of Mormons and Green JellO

4/1/2003 c1 1Intuerimors
*long pause* O_O Wow. Jello. I had no idea. XD
3/29/2003 c1 12All Mighty Terrestrial
At least ONE Mormon is willing to admit to the green Jello thing! There's always a mold of it sitting in the fridge at my Mormon friends' houses. I don't think it's the Jello slide that lends itself to thoughts of cults as much as people refusing to talk about the Jello. They all say it's for potlucks and stuff, and change the subject. Well, if everyone's got one, and they're ALL green, why bother to get together at all? Why not just stay home and eat your own? Refreshing to know that the Mormons themselves are as mystified about it as everyone else. (grin)
3/26/2003 c1 7Tempest Blue
*laughs so hard she dies*

Well...not really. I have to leave a review, right?

That was great. I'm glad you can take humorous look at your church like that, most people can't.

Keep up the good work!
3/23/2003 c1 27Loganberry
I'm still reeling from finding out on Google that this Jell-O slide is real, and that you didn't just make it up for the fun of it! Actually, I rather like green jelly (which is what we call Jell-O in Britain), but I'm not a Mormon. Should I be taking something for this?

Oh, and I thoroughly approve of your choice of home town! =;)
3/23/2003 c1 7Jewels06
I'm a member of the LDS church in Utah. I don't think I've ever had jello with shreded carrots. It's like, just the mormons in UT who have the jello with carrots, i don't know, it's weird. I love your theory too. This was hilarious.
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