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7/9/2003 c12 1Lyd
We wants more! We wants more!
7/6/2003 c12 9i am pookie
AHH! You HAVE to update and soon! I love your story! PLEASE! PLEASE update!
7/3/2003 c12 FroGgY
that wasn't a bad chapter at all! update soon plz!...u already kno my fav is Kael^_^
7/1/2003 c12 Raal the Sword Master
Yeah, I'm definitely in favor of Aren now. He's MY favorite character, at least. And he and Jynx have a lot in common after all, even to the unusuality of their eyes.
7/1/2003 c12 Raal the Sword Master
Yeah, I'm definitely in favor of Aren now. He's MY favorite character, at least. And he and Jynx have a lot in common after all, even to the unusuality of their eyes.
7/1/2003 c12 2hells
fantastic as usual - and with lots of ever-entertaining tension! I was convinced for a minute that they were going to find out... but you're obviously saving that for later. I'm still trying to figure out Aren - he's incredibly mysterious, and I love that. I can hardly imagine what his secret is though, so tell soon!

And will she find his out secret before he does hers or vice versa? hm...

hells x
6/28/2003 c12 Snolive
OOh ooh Aren and/or Rhys has got a secret! YOU MUST UPDATE SOON! I must know what happens next! Ah!

Yeah Aren is definetly my favorite character, now that you've asked, he's really my kinda guy. Hey...can i have him? He can be my precious...

6/28/2003 c11 Snolive
Wow i really liked this chapter, Jynx is damn lucky, all those shirtless guys!*fans self* The twist was awesome, i thought they knew she was a girl! The romance should be with Aren! Aren all the way! wo! He rocks my world! I LOVE YOU AREN! *screams girlishly* *Aren backs away, looking deeply frightened*
6/28/2003 c12 7Angelgirlie805
Hey cool story I enjoy it. I hope though that the guys find out that shes a girl cause that will all be really funny hehehe. Well yeah anyway you are a very good writer ^_^. There aren't to many characters but if you are adding more please dont add to manyt I dont think I can keep up lol. Well anyway I am looking forward to the next chapter and I do have a fav characters I like Aren a lot cause hes the one who is mysterious in a way lol. Oh and I know you probably mentioned this but how old is Jynx heheh thats all I wanted to know. Well this is a long review but I'm sure you'll start to realize soon that I leave long reviews lol. Ok well yeah I hope that you will update soona dn sry if this review seemed jumbled and if it didnt make sense I am in a rush lol. See you at the next chapter bye bye GREAT JOB! ^_^
6/26/2003 c12 Cassi
Oh man, love-hate relationships are my -favorite-. ^.^ The whole 'I'm either going to kiss her(him?) or kill her(him?), whichever comes first', frustrated love, it all makes my day. Not that I'm trying to sway you or anything... ;) Anyway, on to the review. As usual, nothing attention-grabbing grammatically and the spelling's all excellent (thank you for learning the glories of spell check, thank you thank you). I'm really starting to like... hm. They all have a certain trait that bugs me, for which I am glad. But my favorite character thus far is probably Aren or Rhys. Aren in a cryptic, knowledgable kind of way, and Rhys in a 'he's just plain cool' kind of way. I really like how this is progressing; I think you really have authoring potential if it's something you'd pursue. If you get anything published, I wanna know. ^.^ I really enjoy your writing style and you seem to be able to keep up with the demands of both quality and quantity- not many can do that.

You know... considering the whole future romance thing... I can kind of foresee a triangle where Aren likes Jynx and Jynx likes Rhys happening. Apparently Aren has some kind of interest in Jynx (whether romantically or otherwise has yet to be seen) and well, everybody loves Rhys and the main characters -always- get together. It's the cliché. :p Not that you have to follow the cliché.. Do what the writer within dictates (like you have a choice -_-;).

Wow, I'm longwinded tonight. In any case, congrats on another great chappie and keep it up!
6/26/2003 c12 GarnetMarionette

this is so COOL!*jumps up and down like a little girl*

I can't wait for the next chapter!*squeals*

Lemme see...I think my favorite character is...JYNX! Yay, and Aren of course! ^_^
6/25/2003 c12 1Yaoi-Sonata
OH! OH! I like Aren! I like Aren! Keep it going! OH! Did I mention that I like Aren?
6/25/2003 c3 wacka dkid
its aladdin and abu! well. kinda. sorry the whole scene with the bread just kept reminding me of that so.. of course i have to tell you about it too ^_^. the story is rockin so far.

6/25/2003 c12 35rocket baby doll
again, i dont see how this is bad! its amazing writing, and well, my fav character would have to be Rhys, he just seems so hot, but Aren's kinda cute too...i love jynx, of course, but i just cant make up my mind who she should be with... it's your story though, when are they going to find out the fact she's a girl? don't have to rush it though..keep writing! and update, update, update! please!
6/25/2003 c12 3Darke Angel
wow! this is great, another chap! and a very good one too :) can't remember all the characters yet, but nevermind... i can remember all the important ones.

fave character? *grins* aren! but then again, rhys sounds cute... and so does kael. colin is so cute (in a babyish kinda way) and jynx is fun! love the names, by the way. oh, yes... don't let there be a love triangle or something. please. i really, really, really don't liket those jealousy competition stuff.

well, write more and update soon!
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