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for Kiwi versus Woodpecker

5/26/2003 c1 William Deschain
How entertaining. I'd like to see a battle between a kiwi and a woodpecker. The battle to end all battles!
4/15/2003 c1 26Mystic Kiwi
Bizarre. Yet funny. I liked
3/25/2003 c1 raihel
lolies funnies
3/25/2003 c1 foster
very interesting vonversation...r they all tht wierd? and who won the war?
3/25/2003 c1 7Rosie Seifuku
lord hunnie you seem a little off the wall...we could get along great! it was amusing, i must say...
3/25/2003 c1 hmmmmm
oo...well then...amusing...hahahaha
3/24/2003 c1 justine
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Now instead of calling chad redneck, we can call him kiwi! heheheheh...this was a pretty funny story feier...wish i was in that convo! well g2g...
3/24/2003 c1 36NovaGirl
Well...the screen-names were a bit offputting. But apart from that, it was pretty damn entertaining! Bravo!

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