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12/29/2009 c12 Review the world lol
yeah so im reading your story and im quite offended with it. im buddhist and even though im thinking of converting to christianity, your story is great and all, but it kinda makes me sad when i read this story and in almost every paragraph theres a reference to where the christians are the only people that really matters. im sorry if that was what you were going for, but then you should have put the story under religion then. im sorry but i dont think im going to continue reading your stories. i know that you may not really care if i read it or not but some people dont really like that you are biased in your stories.

yeah so sorry about that.
4/7/2005 c3 InYakvilletown
The story itself is very good, and I like the buildup of the character Jordan that you give here. He definitely appears to be a compassionate guy with a good heart, and somebody that could be from MY school, considering that we also have FCA and several other things that you mentioned. In any case, the one problem that I had with the story was the chat in Ch. 3, it seems... well, I don't know, most people aren't privy to chatting the way that you described it. There are much more spelling and grammatical errors in an actual chat, and well, you also could have tossed in some emoticons and acronyms to really give the characters that extra layer of beleivability. Yeah, but, I dunno, I'm just saying. I'll see if I can get to reading and reviewing some of the other stories that you have written that revolve around these characters, and well, all in all, keep it up, this is good writing.
11/20/2004 c13 JustLikeMe91
I am sorry for your loss, and I don't know what I'd do if I was in your position, but I do believe that God gave you piece of mind as He has done for me coutless times before. Reading your story actually comforted me knowing that I don't have to be like the other girls to get a guy to like me. You are really talented author and may God bless you.
4/9/2004 c13 jsprincess247
jordans version is way better i love him hehe update pleasee
6/10/2003 c13 17laziness overpowers me
I got to admit

I think I am a fan now

This is really good, can't wait for more
6/6/2003 c6 bridgette261
this is so cute! You should update more often, at least i think so, lolz. this is cute and i hope you have a long way to go cause this is good? do you ever just sit back and reread your story, and then you think "Wow! I am GOOD!" lolz, cause you are! Thanks for writing, now i have more to read...

6/4/2003 c13 1Laurie-the-Duck
I really enjoyed hearing jordan's side of the story here...and aubrey is really being cruel...if anyone, she's the slut! not lydia by any means
6/3/2003 c13 6SilentBlueRose
Oh... I remember this part. Ye gads, Lyds does have a horrible sense of timing, I am I right? Neways, great job on the chapter, and I will be waiting for the next chapter!

6/3/2003 c13 Kristin
Hi! That was an AWESOME chapter! And I can't wait to read more...even though I already know what happens! But...I REALLY hope you feel all better soon because I don't like seeing you like this! Don't like it at all!


6/3/2003 c13 5Ellen Enchanted
That was a good chapter, and as the whole rest of the story has done, shown a whole new light on the events that occured in it.
6/3/2003 c13 2ChinoZ
You are probably bored of me reviewing your story, but i have no queries, just want to tell you that you are doing a fantastic job! Thumbs up! *hugs*

You sound a lot more better than the last you posted. I figured that things have more or last settled down for you? =) I hope so.

Last but not least, another hug - *hugs* oh by the way, i'm a girl so well, i'm not too sure if u will mind a casual friend hugging you but I figure that if we are both girls, it should be all right even though it's just a virtual hug.

Take care!
5/31/2003 c12 19Mandi Sue
I absolutely love reading this from Jordan's point of view...when I read WSM, I always wondered what Jordan thought of the whole transition and stuff, yay! This is definitely an awesome story, and I'll be waiting for updating! Keep it up!

Mandi Sue
5/25/2003 c12 chinoz
Thks for your reply. I'm sorry to hear abt the funeral. Hope everything will smooth out for you. Rem, God makes everything happens for a purpose. I know u are a christian so I guess u will be fine. Don't lose faith. =) *hugs* Take care & take your time updating your stories. I'm sorry to have given u a hard time for not updating. May Lord Be wITH yOU...
5/25/2003 c12 luv-hacker
oh gosh jordorn is so sweet... love ur story.. update soon..
5/25/2003 c12 4gauche
i really like your story
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