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3/30/2003 c1 35aurias
I would have written sooner if not for the SARs. I'm not down with it, don't worry, but I've been quarantined, well... sort of. It's very nice of you to write for Pears' grandfather. Continue praying. That's about the only thing we can do now. The cure is not working simply because there is no cure. What they are are doing now is giving a cocktail of drugs to patients.
3/29/2003 c1 36Psycho-kyugurl
That's very sweet of you.
3/29/2003 c1 64not sure yet
aw, thats so sad, beautiful poem though, great job
3/26/2003 c1 3Li Niko
Yes, that what I said.

This is sad.

Prayers to Pear.
3/26/2003 c1 The Black Rider
That's really sweet of you to do that for someone. It really shows what a wonderful person you are. The poem was really touching and beautiful. I loved it.

Btw, thanks for the translator. After about three hours, I think I finally understand it. ^_^
3/26/2003 c1 28ChaoxAngel
That's sweet... I felt really sad about the doctor's death, and I hope that this outbreak ends soon.
3/25/2003 c1 Needa S
This is really nice...I'll pray as well for everyone. Sorry to hear about the doctor.. God be with each and all!
3/25/2003 c1 Pear
Thank you so much! You are a very special person to me! And let us pray for everyone who has been infected.

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