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2/17/2005 c17 35Nadja the Weird
I'm really enjoying this story...are you still continuing it? Perhaps I am too late, but I'd sure love to read more of it.
1/23/2004 c10 kristine
hi isay! kristine to! you're such a good writer! ang galing m naman...13 works! astig... hehe un lang...keep up the good work!
1/7/2004 c1 35wildcard07
I think it's good. Well I think I'll be looking forward to reading more of this tale...ey, kilala mo c Charmagne?
12/31/2003 c17 34curiouzkatt
that was so cool! please continue soon! So far you are the best writer in my book!
12/31/2003 c2 curiouzkatt
okay, not really.. but the imagination does the job mostly...
12/24/2003 c17 3MissChiaroscuro
update soon!
12/24/2003 c15 MissChiaroscuro
you changed the story!
9/29/2003 c17 vineyard
i like your story... but, wait.. have you been busy with school?

hehe... coz it has been a long time since you updated your story..

im already curious as to what will happen next... :)

that's all.. hope you update soon.. :)

keep up the good work! :)
9/13/2003 c17 3snow-baby
hi Isay!

this is joan. i have an account here in fictionpress but i havent written anything yet...except for ne thing...hehe...

as usual...the story's going well...i hope you find time from your studies...good luck sa perio! and the long tests...and quizzes...and more!
9/7/2003 c1 19gellar the third
weh isay! dami pala reviews that is here. u realy know how to make goryness! spurt!
9/3/2003 c17 1ShAdOwPuPpEt
yay! a new chapter! thankyou thank you thank you!1lol

but i really like this story it had a very interesting plot and...im too tired to write much mor enow...byuebye
8/31/2003 c17 4mooncrystal
Hello Isay!

Guess who? Si Michi ito. Anyway, I read your story...FINALLY! You write well and I hope you continue. Mukha nga lang na matatagalan ang updates mo because sa dami ng requirements sa ating beloved school, the one and only Pisay. Pero hayaan mo na yun. At least khit paano eh I'm added sa reviews mo este nadagdagan pala ang reviews mo. WOOHOO!

Well, buti na lang Humanities Week this week so not much to do. By the way, hintayin ko na lang update mo. Tell me na lang sa school if ever. As if naman kasi di tayo nagkikita araw-araw. Hehe...gotta go na. Bye! =)
8/28/2003 c17 2BigRed-2006
uh-oh please please please update soon!
8/25/2003 c17 tracey-c
well... *sigh* pardon the different name changing... just registered today... anyway, dat's all?

it's good.. though my interest decreased after reading about the rescue... y cudn't she have married lucifer and live happily ever after? lol ^-~ i guess it's all for the better, right?
8/25/2003 c11 laan
lol... i like lucifer. i rili do. um... im well in the chapter 11... hope you finish it before i reach the end at baka mabitin pa ako... ^-^ btw, im a fren of charms... she told me you're a good writer... and you really are... lol ^-~

well, good luck then... and more powaa!
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