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7/28/2003 c2 47myfishpajamas
Excellent, excellent, excellent. There really is no point to me reviewing anymore since I love everything you write. But just for the record, it was excellent.
4/26/2003 c2 96San Carpenter
I like the character discriptions. Continue.
4/9/2003 c2 11Lya S
excellent chapter ...

adriana is a really interesting character, and id like to see what happens next.

oh, btw, thanks for that review on every secret. mannered? yes, i guess you're right. buts that the style im kinda going for.
4/9/2003 c2 6Nickchick
Interesting start. I hope you continue with this. Adriana and Tyler seem the most intriguing characters. I hope you develop them more. Your style works well with the subject and starting off with a suicide is a very powerful way to begin.

Thank you for reviewing my story and I'll take your comments into considerations when I edit. I'll check out some of your other works too.
4/3/2003 c1 96San Carpenter
M. Very deep. I liked it.
4/2/2003 c1 11Lya S
yo there. thanks for that review. i appreciated ur comments ... altho i'm having a problem with my father character, just like u said.

it is TOO easy to make him a pure asshole, cos he's a really angry dude.

anyway, about your story ... hmm.. you seem to be a little on the somewhat morbid side haha ... but u are a good writer. and im interested in this one. pls post more.
3/27/2003 c1 6Marmara
Pretty good so far, I like the slight aloof tone to the whole thing. I got the feeling that it was one of those stories that don't really make sense within the first 2 or 3 chapters, but then makes complete sense at the end. Building perhaps, for a dramatic ending?

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