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for The Evening Wind

3/31/2003 c1 68Princess Mulan
another very, very nice picture.

I love all your writing cause they are all so beautiful. I love it at dusk, when breeze blushing over me.

and your haiku remind me just that.

So peaceful and make me so happy.

Great words.
3/30/2003 c1 100Keep it 100
I like the transition to evening. Sunsets are true gifts.

~Heart of the Sword
3/30/2003 c1 3Raichu2
Don't listen to Icarus Sun. It's nice.

The only problem is... it's not a haiku, well not exactly. You're one syllable short in the middle line.
3/30/2003 c1 36Psycho-kyugurl
Such evanescent feeling it gives.
3/29/2003 c1 96Liebe Sasa

@;- Mizery Rose
3/29/2003 c1 1Icarus Sun
Not very good, even for a haiku.

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