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1/6/2004 c1 12Amy Ramirez
it's good, i like it
5/27/2003 c1 74LadyAnesta
yikes...if words were knives...that would leave a mark...

i luv it! :-D

5/11/2003 c1 tru10sblondie
I love it!
5/4/2003 c1 30LittleMaggie
My feelings exactly about a certain person... *frowns at thought of them*
4/22/2003 c1 15BecomingMyself
...Nice to see you are writing a lot of poetry lately...

This is a sad but also a (bitter)sweet one...Sometimes getting over the hurt it is good to realize it was not a big a loss...

Anyway, liked this one!

Keep it up!
4/3/2003 c1 6Talon Tearine
This poem has attitude!
4/2/2003 c1 96San Carpenter
Wow. That's really good! I like it a lot.
4/2/2003 c1 219RNL
One word - amazing.

4/2/2003 c1 8Stasha
You can just feel the *love* in this poem. Hehehe. :) I like it, very experessive- I hope whoever screwed you over (at least it sounds like someone did) you went and posted it on their door. :)
4/1/2003 c1 46SinNombre26
thats good just dont try to force the rhyming. nice job anyway and keep writing
4/1/2003 c1 May
Hey! This's a good piece of work. You like angst, eh?
3/30/2003 c1 palm
It's very good & very nice

3/30/2003 c1 Noon
I think that's a great one for the new writer. I Think she must be very angry before writing this poem.
3/30/2003 c1 5Nonki
The song 'I'll Survive' came into my head as i read this. Meaning? This is a good one!

Yes, u are right! For someone who doesn't appreciate what's good for him/her is really NOTHING! Not worth crying for.

Another good piece of work and I think u are learning the rope in writing poems eh?

Happy ones! I want some happy ones! ^_^

Keep writing!

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