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10/1/2014 c30 iamleslie
love it!
7/9/2013 c8 MayaLala
I am just letting you know now that I have thus far skipped dinner with my kids, drinks with friends and am laying in my bed dying to watch what happens with Mr. Darcy, I mean Gabriel and Lizzy, I mean Clara. So effing delicious!
5/8/2012 c30 shady
The story was rather nice and is surely one of the rare warm ones.

Recently I have been searching for something professional enough to be neutral and not make me worry about the contradictions nor disagree with the way it was written.

This carried a humble claim from the beginning till the end that would allow the reader to have no qualms with the story. It is no easy task.

The story is beautiful. Nothing fell short. It is good for a story

to present to viewers through sites like Fictionpress.

I would be very glad indeed if others take your example and be original and stay true and not over-do the same cliches till it becomes sick.
12/16/2011 c9 lady of the taj
I though I should let you know that in the summary it says that sophie is forced into an arranged marriage not clara.
3/14/2011 c30 sweetpea265
I liked this story. Not one of my favorites, just because I like a little adventure in what I read.
1/29/2011 c1 mmaii
I like the story and arranged marriage are always fun to read because you can follow how they hate each other to love each other :) . But i think you could developed your characters more :)
1/10/2011 c30 heavengurl899
Hey, wonderful story. You haven't updated anything in 7 years so all these critiques are probably overheard :P

But if you ever plan on rewriting/publishing this, I'd start with making the chapters longer, focusing more time on developing your characters personalities, developing more of a plot and making sure you're using the correct words of the century (although you've done a much better job than the majority of the people who do attempt to do this).

Anyways, it was quick and fun read :D
11/16/2010 c30 7smurf-love
that was a lovely story.
6/3/2010 c30 Mandyg
I have thoroughly enjoyed this story...
6/1/2010 c30 tamii
I thought that Gabriel got off scot free! And I cannot believe Clara accepted him so easily. Oh well, at least it was a happy ending, right?

My favourite character was not Clara, it was actually Emma. I found her little side story enchanting and Liam was so endearing with his nervousness - so cute :)
4/11/2010 c26 twisting shadows
Oh God. I love this chapter, esp the last part when Gabriel told her that he didn't love her anymore. But hate to see the next chapter, considering the misunderstanding that MIGHT happen. Anyways, a job well done!
10/9/2009 c30 1schoeppc
Wonderful story, I really loved it!
5/21/2009 c30 11Sakiru Yume
Nice. I thought that the story was a little too short for my liking, but other than thought I found it really good and interesting and all that jazz. The only thing that annoyed me was the indentation. YOU DON'T NEED INDENTS ON FICTIONPRESS! Sorry, but it's annoying and makes it harder to read. Other than that, I liked the story.
5/14/2009 c16 7gulistala
And Victoria is going to be at the Vernes' no?
4/24/2009 c30 DLETE THIS OLD
great story :) i like how it's clean-minded and all :D lol ...another big plus is that it had virtually no grammar or spelling mistakes :) great job
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