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12/10/2004 c1 4slashysecrets
I'm jealous of that, the connection between loved ones. Somehow, no matter how much I love someone, I can't seem to make it. I really admire that. And once again, your way with words makes me drool. I want it.
3/31/2004 c1 Siren Xenophon
My grandfather just recently died but, we did not have the relationship that you describe here. He was never a part of my life because of his wife (not my gradmother, she is also dead). I guess she felt threatened by my dad and I. Just like you said my Grandfather lasted exactly three days on life support because, as I was told, he loved life so much and he was never one to give up. I hope it helps you to know that someone knows exactly where you're coming from on this particular issue.
4/7/2003 c1 Jules
I feel so sad for you...i know what its like you know?


do you ever just want to tune out the world for a while? when i was writing this morning i kept thinking about my dad..and i realized i never asked you about your grandpa..

im sorry i didnt ask.

i hope i talk to you soon.
4/1/2003 c1 5Adam Evans
Wow... such an emotional poem... so sorry for your loss Andrea.
3/30/2003 c1 13Sensual
*sniff sniff* wow. that was so beautiful. and sad. i'm sry for ur loss...needless to say, i've never experienced something as a dying loved one...great poem
3/30/2003 c1 12Vuelo
wow. This is a great poem. really really well written and full of so much emotion! Good job!


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