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for Oxford's Daughter and Edinburgh's Son

8/25/2003 c10 7Liriel87
Thats it? Thats the end? I CALL FOR A SEQUAL!

8/22/2003 c10 Veggiehead
Very sweet story; I really enjoyed it :)
8/22/2003 c10 Veggiehead
Very sweet story; I really enjoyed it :)
8/21/2003 c10 passion101
the end! Oh how sad...
8/20/2003 c10 SAngel
that was so cute!
8/19/2003 c2 Veggiehead
Very good! :) I love the hint of humor (if that's the right way to describe it) that is throughout the story. It helps the characters seem more real, and you enjoy the story more. :) Great! :)
8/19/2003 c10 11Silvestria
Aw, it's really finished? Ah well, short and sweet! I'll look out for more stories by you!

8/19/2003 c1 7Vikkixx
Margaret Thatcher? *raises eyebrow*
7/31/2003 c1 16picadillopoe
This review doesn't really have anything to do with your story (though I do find it pretty entertaining), just my own ramblings about scottish people.

You can't understand what they're saying!

It's actually kind of funny. I was in Edinburgh and whenever I talked to someone, I kind of had a finding nemo moment where I wanted to say "Look, you're really hot, but I don't know what you're saying!"

That's my own ramblings. I dunno...excuse me...I still love Scottish people.
7/29/2003 c9 26IcyDevil27
This is a positively radiant story! I love it! My only regret is that I didn't come across it earlier. Absolutely wonderful! Bravo!
7/28/2003 c9 2Jenna21
Ahh that was soo cute! ^_^ I love this so far. Do continue soon. This story is cute. But what will happen with Charles? Woo that will be interesting. ^_^
7/27/2003 c7 PhiloNysh
A well written and throughly enjoyable story. Oh I ddin't like Charles from the beginning, something untrustworthy about him. Hmph! Update soon! I would love to know what would happen next!
7/20/2003 c9 7Firebird
Well then, I guess everything's alright now. I can't imagine the father saying no. Happy endings are sure to abound.
7/20/2003 c8 Firebird
Well that was certainly an interesting chapter. Frederic showed some vulnerability which is new. Of course now he's feeling wounded. Him being so blunt about Elizabeth was a bit harsh though. *sigh* And now once again Margaret is upset.
7/20/2003 c7 Firebird
Aw poor Margaret. Wasn't quite what she was expecting. For all her attitude and strength of character, she's still very innocent about the world at large. "Other houses" hehe. Ok, I probably shouldn't find that funny but just the fact that she was staring at him and had no idea what he was talking about...well I chuckled. Should be an interesting confrontation.
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