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7/20/2003 c6 7Firebird
Well sorry I've taken so long to review but I was away...and what a nice surprise to come home to! So many new chapters :)

So gambling huh? Naughty boy. It would explain why he doesn't have the money to buy her an engagement ring. I suppose the only way she'll get one is if he gets extremely lucky at a hand of poker. Bummer. And cousins huh? That must have come as quite a shock. She was going to marry into MacGregor's family and didn't even know it. That's just really funny. Curious to see if she keeps saying he's lying...and how it effects her view of her fiancee. Hmm, guess I'll just have to read on.
7/9/2003 c9 1Melilot Gamgee-Took of Bywater
Aw so sweet, that's cute. this is a good story
7/8/2003 c9 11Silvestria
OOh, this is progressing nicely. I'm really enjoying it. If you like, I might be able to help with some details about Oxford if you need them. I can't garantee it, but I might be able to.

7/7/2003 c9 7Liriel87
o how sweet! I like it alot! And Frederic, nice nice nice! Later Days

7/4/2003 c8 1Beccs
Ohh, poor Margaret! But its a great chapter!
7/3/2003 c8 1Melilot Gamgee-Took of Bywater
Yet another good chap! This is good! :)
7/3/2003 c8 Minnen
This is fantastic, please coninue writing when you have time. It's gettin more exciting by the moment!
7/2/2003 c7 2Jenna21
Ahh this story is soo good. ^_^ I love the way you've written it, to make it sound like the time period. Ack, Fredic is such an awesome character. Please conintue! ^^ So Charles just wants to marry Margaret for the money? Ahh the scandel and mystery. Great job.
6/30/2003 c7 1Beccs
Wow! The truth comes out!
6/29/2003 c7 Vikki
I really love your story. Keep going.
6/28/2003 c6 15HistoryLover521
Good story. I'm hooked and very interested in seeing what is going to happen next. Keep it up!
6/28/2003 c6 1Beccs
Ohh, the plot thickens! Great job!
5/29/2003 c5 1Astralis
I hope you don't think I'm being over-critical or anything, but your story doesn't seem to have much of a sense of 'place'. Oxford has a lot of traditions, buildings, landmarks, etc, that make it what it is. I don't know how much you know about Oxford, but try to make use of the college quads and halls, the scholars in their gowns, the bells of Tom Tower, and so on to really show that this is Oxford and not just any town. I imagine you could find some information on the internet.

Otherwise, keep up the good work. I loved Margaret's jibe at Frederic about being a puzzle.
5/28/2003 c5 1Melilot Gamgee-Took of Bywater
I don't like Charles. She likes Frederic, doesn't she? :) BTW, the next chap in my story (the diary of the Irish girl) is up, and I should be putting up the 3rd soon.
5/24/2003 c5 11Silvestria
I like the way this is progressing. I wonder what Charles' pecuniary problem is.

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