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9/1/2004 c4 steph
AHH. It's been over a year.. are you ever going to update? That teaser is most definitely teasing me. gosh. I want to know what's going to happen next. pleasepleaseplease update =)
8/13/2004 c4 xiaobudian
ooh! Wonder wat Ray's gonna get him 2 do next...
Hope there won't b too much heartbreak.
7/25/2004 c4 2Isla Sangue
Oh, you have got to update soon!
Luv Dittany x
7/2/2004 c4 becca
oh, now that is just GOOD! hehehehhe
6/26/2004 c4 1stellarr
im realy loving your story so far!...can't wait for the next chapter..The dares finally start! =D
update soon!
6/11/2004 c4 1Coffee Shopper
It's great so far. I think it has a bit of a slow start. The dares aren't here yet so it doesn't make it so funny and interesting... yet. I'm looking forward to the innuedos (sp?). Lord knows, they're hilarious. I swear, you could cut the sexual tension between the two of them with a knife. Or maybe that's because I read the teasers, which definitely implies that.
Oh, one thing that you should be sure not to go overboard with is the drama. Raythe is definitely a drama queen from what I can tell, but make sure she doesn't go overboard with it. I mean, she likes to yell so much, I'm not sure it's very realistic.
Great start. I can't wait to read chapter 5... which I hope will be very soon.
5/31/2004 c4 5Crimsonoaks
this is so fun to read. I'm looking forward to the challenges, and the relationships. ;) I would like a few more good qualities about Raythe though. She still seems a little stuck-up. This chapter she wasn't so much like that but still. I hope updates come soon, i'll be sure to R&R. Keep writing my writting friend!
5/8/2004 c4 hummer
cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait! Heh. I'm a bit hyperactive right now.. mwahahahhahaha beware! XD Can't wait until the next chappie! Love you and yo story lots!
4/28/2004 c4 ME
Please consider continuing this story. I am looking forward to reading another chapter. It has been awhile! :)
4/19/2004 c4 KTstarShot
Hey you! Yeah, you-the authoress who hasn't updated in almost a year!
*kicks you* xD Update, damnit. I like your fic; it's original and different. x) And I want to see how you're going with it.
In any case, there are a couple grammatical errors here and there, but nothing to blow the reader away by distraction. ^_^
Welps, hope you finish the fic, eh?
4/12/2004 c4 tstj
Please continue to update!
It's very relaxing to read and your writing is great! XD
*puts it on my fav list*
4/2/2004 c4 Nephrite
Alright. bring it on. sounds cool.
i like it
3/24/2004 c1 Lady Star
Is the school's name borrowed from 'When Sunlight Meets Moonlight' on ff.net? If so, does Jo know that you're using it?
3/24/2004 c4 10youdon'tknowme91
oh god, this is majorly cool! i just saw your last update date and that was JULY LAST YEAR! PLEASE UPDATE! =P I LOVE THIS STORY!
3/22/2004 c2 youdon'tknowme91
cool chapter. It's kinda a spooky game,though =P okay, I'm off to the next chapter! =D
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