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for I Dare You

3/15/2004 c1 10youdon'tknowme91
i like this story! :) i'll be back for more, update! =)
3/13/2004 c4 4Jolly B
2/20/2004 c4 1Pretend Jane
Hey I love this story!
But I seriously want to know are you still writing it. Because it has been a while, and if you don't want to write it anymore thats cool, because I've certainly felt that way about stories at times. But can you upload a authors note or something and tell us if you still have a interest in writing it?
2/2/2004 c4 SHadow of a doubt
why haven't you u updated yet?
1/16/2004 c4 5Shadow of a Doubt
ok why did you stop now, gosh, this is good stuff, keep going now, i command you to update!
12/24/2003 c4 5Black Dahlya
Arggh, the horror, how could you leave us with such a cliffhanger. Hopefully, you will update soon. Can't wait to see Raythe's dare, heehee! Plz update soon, I'm begging you!
12/22/2003 c4 n3ssa
this story is AWESOME. vance is so hot. UPDATE! xoxo
12/13/2003 c4 35pixy-dizzy
gah! plz plz plz update! this story is so cool!
11/9/2003 c4 julia
hey this is a really good story! i hope u update soon! =)
11/3/2003 c4 Jess
I like this fic! Please continue soon!
10/30/2003 c4 15Lauriana
Wow this is pretty interesting, pls get the next chapter up soon!
10/30/2003 c4 3Art of Hypocrisy
Hey, nice story-I can tell it'll be a total STGO (Story To Go Ga-Ga Over). I know that life gets messed up and busy but you have to review soon! Heck, I know I haven't been doing a very good job of reviewing myself (uh hem, hehe) but what I'm saying is...er, just review! Yeah...I hope that wasn't totally strange and awkward... -_-
10/27/2003 c4 7Angelgirlie805
OMG! this story is so good I mean I really really like it and it makes me laugh a lot hehehe. I noticed though that you haven't updated in like 3 mothes, you so need to update and soon you hear me! I can't wait to read more and that teaser really didn't help much you know hehehe. Ok I'm going to stop yelling at you but serioulsy this is really good and I really hope that you haven't given up on this story and that you decide to update soon k. WEll I'm going to go now I have homework to do so I hope to see you at the next chapter k bye bye and GREAT JOB! ^_^
10/24/2003 c4 burdy
please update? pretty please finish it?
10/18/2003 c4 sorcerer
oh *giggles* i like it. UPDATE SOON!
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