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for I Dare You

7/23/2003 c4 erzulie
Hahaha.. Good chapter. Vance is a jerk, but I guess he's a cute jerk. Cause God only knows that there are tons of those around. Anyway, I'm practically falling asleep in my chair, so I'll cut this review short. Update soon, kabies? Bye!

7/22/2003 c4 13Faded Soulfire
I am speechless. I've just read all four chapters and I'm amazed with your writing style and the plot for this story. I'll give you props for it being creative. Definitely a well thought out story. You definitely deserve all 50 some reviews and more. Fantastic story! Possibly update soon?
7/22/2003 c4 Midnight Owl
I really love your story! It's one of the best ones that I've read... Please continue soon
7/21/2003 c3 Rhea
WoW. This story is so different, but so exhillarating at the same time. I don't know how you ever came up with Vance's little game of truth or dare. It's ingenious!

In chapter 2, you put an excerpt of Gem's thoughts about the "game." The last part~ "Therefore, they’ll both shatter and in the end, no one wins" - is that the forshadowing factor?

"No-one wins"- that's an interesting insight. Is this refering to the legendary title, heartbreak, or both?

The big question is... will Raythe and Vance realize that their dangerous mind game will lead to their destruction before the time comes?

=) I can't honestly say that I can predict what's going to happen. In nearly all "romance" fiction, it's pretty obvious, but this one, it has a more dangerous and mysterious feel. =P You've really outdone yourself!
7/14/2003 c3 erzulie
GOD, I love this story. I'm sorry, but this is FANTASTIC! I think it's so funny that Raythe and her brother have practically the same name. (Hehehe..) And I love Vance! Can't wait to see what happens next.. Update soon, kabies? BYE!

7/10/2003 c3 37Phoebs
Different. That is just what this tory is. I like the feeling you've created with it. Interesting plot.
7/7/2003 c3 7Harmonized
*faints*...*wakes up* omg, this is brilliant; so brilliant you're making me *faints*...*wakes up* swoon. I couldn't believe when i saw you have 40 odd reviews for only *faints...*wakes up* three chapters. But this is so f-ing wicked that you totally deserve them. Anyway, i'm gonna stop the fainting thing now, thats just me being stupid, and say keep up the great work, cant wait until you update :o)
7/7/2003 c3 crazygurlhyper13
I like this a lot. Man, this is gud. Please update soon, I know this ain't much of a review but its sumthing.
7/2/2003 c3 6Leena
Well... this is getting really interesting. Please update SOON!

6/30/2003 c3 MimiGhost
6/29/2003 c3 2Minyaithwen
3 words: WOnderful, awsome...POWERFUL

Great job! I love your writing! I was afraid there for a while that you weren't going to update at all.

Please update son. I MUST know what happens!
6/29/2003 c3 Dani
Great story! i love the way you've laid it out...there's more than just narration, ther's insight to each of te characters, that's cool. The plot's good too...if somewhat unrealistic. but just coz it's unrealistic doesn't mean it's not interesting. i like it!

6/29/2003 c3 3Blade of Athena
yay u finally updated ur story its so god i love it .
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