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6/7/2003 c2 christy
UPDATE!love this story!
6/7/2003 c2 christy
UPDATE!love this story!
6/1/2003 c2 14FireBringer
Good God, that was really good! Hurry up with the next update please!
5/26/2003 c2 NON-M
Sounds very intriguing . Can't wait to see what happens next. What's the legend? I don't exactly get that.
5/22/2003 c2 2Minyaithwen
That's awsome!

I love this! You have GOT to continue! Update as soon as you possibly can!
5/17/2003 c2 JuNeMaNgO
wow! this is an amazing story! update ASAP! i love Raythe's personality! ^^* so vance has a "crush" on raythe? update soon!
5/17/2003 c2 blinded
the idea is funky! wonders wad the first dare is...
5/16/2003 c2 3Blazing-moon
EEgads, do I LOVE this. it is so absolutley INTERESTING. I just can't wait for the next chapters! Please continue! PLEASE!


P.S. It's being added to my favorite stories.
5/7/2003 c1 twerp
i dont EVER review, so feel special, now i only reviewed to say one thing: PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE REALLY REALLY SOON!
4/7/2003 c2 6NiteDreamer
Hey very NICe intro/begining! I really enjoy it...i can't wait for the acutally dares ^.^
4/7/2003 c2 4your name here
this is good. it's entertaining and well written.
4/7/2003 c2 Katrin the Great
Oh...the plot thickens... can't wait to hear the first dare!
4/7/2003 c2 13Faded Soulfire
This is really really good. keep writing! ^_^
4/6/2003 c1 diana
pretty cool...i simply love the concept!
4/6/2003 c2 1Don't want to
it's gewd, me lyk it. keep up da gewd work! I'll b bac to check out the next chapta lata. ^-^
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