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for I will be there for you

4/3/2003 c1 18Lexa
As "revenge" for all your nice reviews to my poems, I'll try to review yours... a lovely poem, full of hope that even in the darkest time someone cares for you and tries to protect you... I think we all need this hope!
4/3/2003 c1 28ChaoxAngel
A very heart warming piece you have written... Being there for each other - That's what friends are for. Meanwhile, SARS is under control in my country. So I think it's safe to go around again. Hope all these insanity ends, and everyone who are ill from it recovers.

4/2/2003 c1 100Keep it 100
Likewise, my friend. I really hope this thing does end soon.

~Heart of the Sword
4/1/2003 c1 107Tori Keedah
Aww.. *hugs*

You're a really great friend too.

Yup yup - you are too.
4/1/2003 c1 Needa S
Awesome piece! I'll keep you in my prayers. That flu is wicked stay safe and God Bless!
4/1/2003 c1 Pear
Very nice! Please do be careful, especially that you are in HK. My grandparents are all right right now, but I am not sure about my friends. Hope this flu thing can be over soon. ^^ I will always be your loyal friend!
4/1/2003 c1 64not sure yet
aw, thats so sweet! love the poem and i hope that the online schooling works out for you and that things take a turn for the better!
4/1/2003 c1 19Anagronax
Keep up the works and stay strong! I think we all need you too and we'll be there for ya!
4/1/2003 c1 36Psycho-kyugurl
I do hope you wouldn't be infected by the disease.May lord bless you!
4/1/2003 c1 43Carter Tachikawa
Yes, I hope you don't catch the flu or that anyone else doesn't die. Thank you for such a lovely poem. It's very well-written. Keep it up. ~CT
4/1/2003 c1 The Black Rider
I really enjoyed this one. It is a nice comfort to know there are people like you who will always be there for us, and an even nicer comfort to know that you're okay. I especially liked the build-up to the last stanza here. Great job, and I look forward to seeing what you write next.
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