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7/21/2005 c5 43Demon
Ahh, happiness. I am a sci-fi freak, and I love android stories even more! I really enjoy your style of writing-it's a frank and honest narrative, but has a lot of descriptive details added in as well. Too often authors sacrifice one for the other. Why doesn't this have more reviews? This disgruntles me. Keep up the great work, at any rate!
10/11/2003 c2 10Anumati
This is something that has been attempted many times before and frequently misses the mark; I too have a cyborg/android story on the same topic, so I too know the difficulty of writing about such a complex subject. I feel your pain :)

The writing itself is dynamic and fluid in a technical sense; good analogies and detailed work. What I think is lacking is the more robotic side of Molly. Why is she thinking what she is thinking? How could such thought patterns emerge from software? Why does she "dream"? Instead, she is altruistic without forethought (When computers as we know them now have pretty rigid instructions), she uses metaphors (Visual recognition/comparison is one of the slowest-moving sciences known to man; my dad works in the field), and she seems far more human than machine. Why does she even need to sleep indoors? I'd just shutdown under the eaves of an old house.

Some things to think about.
4/19/2003 c4 Al Kristopher
*dribbles* this is such an amazing thing... but maybe too much angst for my taste...
4/15/2003 c3 Al Kristopher
this just gets better and better, and darker and darker, with each chapter...
4/13/2003 c2 Al Kristopher
this is unquestionably good... I have now grown very fond of this angsty story!
4/12/2003 c2 Emily M. Hanson
Very well written. Good luck on your novel.
4/12/2003 c1 Emily M. Hanson
Excellent fic.
4/1/2003 c1 12Al Kristopher
This was very very very very good, and personally, I'd like to read the rest!

(sort of reminds me of my own android girl... just a hint)

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