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for Drowning

11/25/2005 c1 19my dangerous angel baby
I love it. Nice twist too with her not drowning in the water. Great job!~
12/4/2003 c1 2FiberOpticElf
my goodness...I did not see that coming...interesting.
6/9/2003 c1 Obliquity
Great story... I love the ending. Very unexpected.
4/21/2003 c1 37Isthischaos
Wow! This is the first story I've read on here that had me hooked! I couldn't stop reading it! It's well written and well thought out!

Keep up the good work, I can't wait to read the next part!
4/2/2003 c1 20Lise HEARTS Alan
This was good. And thanks for being supportive and reviewing my stuff. All these other bullshitters don't want to and wonder why I don't review their shit. Keep up the good work and holla at cha gurl.
4/2/2003 c1 1Keriana Williams
Oh, my, gosh. -Sniffle- That was sad! That was...Very good...I loved it!

I started reading it and couldn't stop, it was awesome! But SAD! So sad...-Sniffle-

I loved it quite a bit. Only problem I had was the constant cussing and general slang terms, but, it fits the story very well. After all, even *I* cuss -.-;;

Very good though! Loved it.
4/2/2003 c1 87Angel Of The Storms
I like this story i think it's very cool. Keep it coming.

Angel Of The Storms

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